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In this lockdown period movies is one of the main things keeping us busy to make things fun here are 10 movies about isolation to watch during this coronavirus lockdown. Since the coronavirus started making its way across the globe it just seems like a movie. It is quite similar to movies about contagious outbreaks. Now, this virus has forced us to retreat indoors, cancel our plans for the foreseeable future and been trapped in one location. There are so many movies about such situations.

10 Movies About Isolation To Watch This Coronavirus Lockdown
10 Movies About Isolation To Watch This Coronavirus Lockdown

Sci Fi Movies

Before now we have all watched movies about people stuck in one location for one reason to another. And these kinds of movies are great for viewing in this period. Keep in mind that these are only fictional.

10 Movies About Isolation To Watch This Coronavirus Lockdown

If you are really looking forward to watching movies about being cooped up while you are cooped up. You can watch these movies to while away the time and notice the difference between movies and reality. Below are 10 of the top movies for you to watch during this period while we wait out the lockdown.

1 – Moon

This movie is great and if you are looking for new ways to spend isolation then watch this movie. This movie is available on iTunes and Microsoft

2 – The Thing

This movie finds the perfect thrill, action, fright, and dread. This movie shows how a parasitic alien life form starts attacking the resident and taking over their bodies. It is available on iTunes, Google Play and YouTube.

3 – Mustang

This movie tells the story of five sisters who went on a road trip with some boys and when they return home they are forbidden from leaving the house.

4 – Rear window

This lockdown movie is a simple story about how a photographer traps himself in his house and begins spying on his neighbors convincing himself one of them killed his wife.

5 – The shining

Whether you are watching it for the first time or not. This movie tells the story of a man in delirium in his isolated and hunted new surroundings. This movie is available to watch from iTunes and Microsoft. 

6 – I am mother

This is a Sci-fi thriller that standouts. This movie introduces a girl who has been raised in a high tech underground bunker by a supremely intelligent robot called mother. After years a stranger comes into their lives asking for help you watch it on Netflix.

7 – Buried

This movie is made in one location. It’s about a man who finds himself in a coffin and the coffin is already six feet under though he does have his cell phone and a lighter in hand. The movie is available on iTunes.

8 – Home Alone

This is a great movie to watch in this coronavirus period and it tells the story of a kid who is left at home alone. This movie will put you in a great mood and make you laugh. The movie and its sequel are available on Disney+.

9 – Green room

This movie takes place backstage and when they stumble across something they shouldn’t have they become trapped as the locals are trying to make sure they do not talk. It is available on YouTube, Microsoft, and iTunes. 

10 – Housebound

This movie revolves around a girl who is placed under house arrest in her childhood home that her mother says is haunted. At first, she thinks nothing of it but begins to wonder when she is faced with disappearing objects and opening doors.

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