8 Cool New Andriod Games You Haven’t Played Yet – New Andriod Games 2020

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Gaming is something that will never go away. Whether you are just a mobile gamer or a pc gamer even a console gamer, games are always games. Since the year 2020 started, there have been some games that have been released. Which not everyone is aware of but this post on 8 cool new Andriod games you haven’t played yet will expose them to you today. 

If you are a fan of android gaming then this is your chance to try out these new games. These 8 cool new Andriod games you haven’t played yet will keep you addicted. 

8 Cool new Andriod games you haven’t played yet

Andriod gaming has come a long way from the likes of subway surfers and temple run which were very addictive games back then. We now have today Games like dream league 2020, PES2020 and FIFA are some of the ranking football games. However, those are not the games we will be talking about today.

There are several other very interesting games you have probably never played that are very good and addictive. And so on our list, we have the likes of Call of guns, Project war and more today. So without any more delay lets go ahead.

1 – Call of guns

The call of guns franchise is a very interesting and action-packed first-person shooter game. The story mode is great and quite extensive there are lots of ammunitions and lots of enemies to shoot. The only downside of this game is that it’s currently offline with no indication that there will be an online version anytime soon. Follow this link to download it the Call of guns.

2 – Project war

This is another very good graphics first-person shooter game with intense scenes. This game focuses on Customisable characters that can be used to play online with friends. Play the story mode to discover the zombie SCUM and how they came to be. Choose from the plethora of different weapons and fight your way through the zombie hordes to victory. To access the game you can visit the play store.

3 – Warface

This is the mobile version of the famous warfare pc game, so if you love the pc version then there is no harm in trying out the mobile. With dynamic and fast-paced combat this game is easy to learn and control. The game boasts high graphics and also is full of challenges to keep the adrenaline flowing. 

4 – Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Build your favorite kind of robot and then box with it and as you go keep upgrading it. This is what this game is all about. Are you a fan of robots then join the battle of the bots to fight for supremacy. Fight in the new World Robot Boxing Championship and become the bot champion. This game is also available in the play store. 

5 – Dream League 2020 

The dream league 2020, as usual, focuses on building your own team to battle others. If you are tired of the likes of FIFA and pes then dream league is what you should give a try. Dream league 2020 also features improved gameplay like nothing you have ever seen before. Visit the play store to download.

6 – Taxi Sim 2020

Just like the sims game, the taxi sim is just almost the same. It is kind of an open-world game where you follow your normal taxi route and rules to achieve your goals. There are a variety of different taxies to choose from as you complete your various mission in the streets of America.

7 – Madden NFL Mobile Football

Get in the NFL action with your phone from the comfort of your home. If you are tired of soccer then this might be the needed change you have been looking for. You build your team, manage them very well and in the end win the NFL title. 

8 – tennis

This is a very addictive game that once started can get you playing for hours. Its all bout winning the title this game gives you the chance to show other lyes how grate you are in tennis. 

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