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As we all know security is one of the risks that many devices and people’s information is exposed to in the 21st century. There are different forms of security risk or breaches, even your router at home can be a victim of such kinds of risk. Making it important for you to know how to secure them. This fact is what brings us to this post on 9 Ways To Completely Secure Your Home Wireless Router.

9 Ways To Completely Secure Your Home Wireless Router
9 Ways To Completely Secure Your Home Wireless Router

It is very necessary and important for you to do everything possible to secure your home router. Because if it is left open and unsecured anyone can connect. Someone walking past or even your neighbor can simply connect to your open router if left unsecured.

So if you are to make your wireless network at home more secure then consider these NINE ways I will be mentioned on this post today.

8 Ways To Completely Secure Your Home Wireless Router

If you have a router at home then it is time to take necessary actions to protect it from unwanted users. Besides, that is one of the reasons why the router on his own has this security feature installed.

All you have to do is to make use of it to secure the router.

However, you will have to have access to your router setup. Also, you will have to do a little bit of configuring the router security using a computer wired to the router if possible.

You should also know that the steps for all routers are different and therefore cannot be exactly the same or specific for all kinds of routers.

You’re going to have to check your router’s documentation or information for that kind of step. Now without further ado let’s go straight ahead and jump in on the 9 Ways To Completely Secure Your Home Wireless Router.

1 – Set up a Password – 9 Ways To Completely Secure Your Home Wireless Router

First things first, you have to set up a password or passphrase for your wireless router. The absence of doing this means anyone close enough to your house can connect to the network and use it.

So the wise thing to do is to permanently put a security code or a password to secure it. To do this you have to access your router wireless security section in your router setup. Then select a security method, it is recommended you use WPA or WPA2. After selecting the security enter passphrase that will generate you a key to log into the router. By so doing any device must have the key before connecting.

2 – Change Passwords

This is as important as also securing the network. Because default password can easily be known or figured out which can give someone access to your wireless router. What you do is to go to your router setup and change the default password to a new one which only you know.

3 – Use WPA and not WEP if Available

We recommend you using WPA or WPA2 instead of using WEP. This is because WPA and WPA2 are the latest forms of security available right now. However, there are still some old devices that would only connect to a WEP secured network like gaming consoles and devices. 

4 – Disable the Remote Administration Option

This means that anyone that is close enough to get your wireless router signal can have the options to access your settings. Which is wrong as they can easily change it. What you do here is to disable the remote administration option so that no one can remotely access your router settings. This can be done through the administration section. 

5 – The default SSID Name should be Changed

If you are wondering what is an SSID name, let me tell you what it is. An SSID name is the name that comes default with your router. This is the name of your wireless network when you are trying to connect to it for the first time.

Many of the SSID name is also the name of the router or of the company that manufactured the router. If you are still using the default name it can pose as a risk as it can help anyone identify the particular make or company or type of router you are using and easily aid then in attacking the network and exploiting its vulnerability. Therefore the name has to go, it has to be changed.

6 – Router Firewall – 9 Ways To Completely Secure Your Home Wireless Router

Yeah, I know so many of you will be happy on hearing that there is a router firewall. In fact, I think some of you will just enable this and be okay that your router is secured. That being said if your router has a firewall this should be enabled to completely secure your wireless network.

7 – You should Disable the SSID Broadcast

Aside from changing the SSID name to make your network more secure or difficult for anybody to find. I think you should also try disabling the SSID broadcast. Which will make it difficult for someone browsing for wireless networks to find yours.

But if you have disabled your SSID broadcast, you will have to manually enter your router’s unique SSID in order to connect to your network. It is better to first connect all devices before disabling this.

8 – Enable the Wireless MAC filter

This feature is a feature that we only allow a wireless device to connect to your network if the MAC address is entered. Thereby stopping other devices from connecting to your network if they do not provide the Mac address. But this can make it difficult for you to connect new devices. In that case, you will have to connect all devices first before enabling the MAC filter.

9 – Get Help – 9 Ways To Completely Secure Your Home Wireless Router

Employ the help of someone who knows about router security. This is probably the best way to secure your router which is by getting help. When you get the help of someone that has knowledge in this area then you can be rest assured


More important than ever security risk poses a great threat and your router could be among. Making it important to do all you can and everything possible to secure your network.

There are people that just browse to find a wireless network and connect to, but when yours is secured this becomes impossible for them to do. I hope this post has been very useful as you have seen some of the 9 Ways To Completely Secure Your Home Wireless Router.

If you have any difficulty in finding any of these settings, you should check yout routers documentation for that.

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