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What comes to mind when you hear the word app apple? Doesn’t make any sense but if you were to think about it you will know I’m referring to Apple apps. However, there are several kinds of Apple products with their apps. Or you can say the Apple company does not have an app the apple company only has products that use apps to function. Apple’s iOS devices use iOS apps and their Mac OS devices use Mac apps that is how it works. Therefore on this post on app Apple or Apple apps, we will focus more on iOS apps. How to download, how to get free apps and paid apps, amongst other things on this post today.

App apple
App apple

App apple – iOS apps

When it comes to apps, the iOS platform is one best platform you can get different kinds of apps on. In fact, there are thousands of apps if not even millions of apps available on the iOS app store for your download. These apps range in categories, from gaming apps to social Media apps, to family apps entertainment apps and so on and so forth the category or the list is quite endless. if one just open the iOS app without having an app in mind to download it might take them quite a while to decide. they maybe you might even end up downloading something they didn’t expect. However, on the the App store, there are paid and free apps.

If you have been using ios right from time you would know that not all its app are entirely free. majority of iOS apps are paid apps. You will need your iOS ID and a payment method to get apps from the app store. As they are paid apps there are also free apps. So if you looking to download apps be rest assured you must find an app for you to download because not all apps are paid there are also free apps on the platform. We will talk about how to download free and paid apps next. as the process is pretty similar.

How to download free app apple or iOS apps

Downloading free apps is pretty much easy on IOS devices than downloading paid apps. The major reason is that one is free the other is paid. To download any free app from the iOS app store carry out procedure below.

  • Open or launch the app store.
  • If you have an app in mind to download type and search for it or browse through the apps on the app store to choose a free app to download.
  • Tap on the app you want to download and then tap on Get.
  • And tap on Install.

When that is done the app will start downloading to your device. However, if you are required to input your device ID you should go ahead and do so for the download to commence.

How to download paid app apple or iOS app

like I said earlier on, that downloading paid apps is similar to downloading free apps the only difference is it is paid. And you have to switch over from the normal get free app to buy. The process is below

  • After selecting any app you want to purchase tap on the app.
  • Tap on the Price of the app.
  • Place your finger on the fingerprint scanner to identify your ID.
  • And then follow the screen prompts to properly purchase and install the app.

How to update apps

To update an outdated app using the app store is easy and quick to do. The below procedure explains how to do so.

  • Firstly of open the app store.
  • Locate and tap on Updates at the bottom part of the screen.
  • Now hit the Update button that is next to the app you want to update.


If you use an iOS device you cannot ever stay there is shortage of apps to download. As there are millions of apps present in the app store for your downloading pleasure. Both free and paid apps. with different kinds of categories of apps are to choose from. from the Social Media apps to family apps to gaming apps to sporting apps, football update all available for your downloading pleasure. Also, you have learned how to update apps when outdated using the app store. with this post, you will never find it difficult to download any app anymore.