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When we talk about Facebook, the first thing some people’s mind goes to is uploading of pictures and liking of pictures. No, my brother, you are wrong Facebook is so more than that. Facebook even has a marketplace. Facebook also supports businesses, community groups, and others. So Facebook is so much more than just uploading sharing and liking of photos and videos. now to do all that you will have to have the Facebook app or the app Facebook installed on your device. And that is the same reason this post is coming your way. to teach you how to have the app Facebook installed and working properly on your device.

App Facebook

The Facebook platform which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommate at Harvard University has come a long way. from its starting point to where it is now. it is now easily the number one Social Media platform and has been existing as such for a very long time now. without any indication of letting go anytime soon. Rather they are getting stronger, standing firmer. However, if you do not want to use a computer to browse Facebook, Facebook has two different apps, with which you can use in browsing the Facebook platform. They are the Facebook application and the Facebook lite application.

The Facebook application is the overall or main Facebook app that you can use as an alternative on browsing Facebook on a computer. it contains everything and you can do everything that can be done on Facebook on desktop or browsing Facebook on the computer. And in fact, it is more preferable than using Facebook on a computer. on the other hand, the Facebook lite is a streamlined or a stripped-down version of the Facebook app. used for load data consumption, low RAM consumption, low space consumption and for people with lower specs Android devices. We would have to talk on how to download both of them.

How to download on install the app Facebook

It is an easy process, that is the downloading and installing of the Facebook app. to do so you must have to follow the procedure below exactly. To get it installed on your device. However, this process will teach you how to download both the Facebook app and Facebook Lite app for your device.

  • Now open the app store or your play store depending on the device you use.
  • On the search bar type and search for ‘Facebook’ or ‘Facebook lite.’ Depending on the one you want to download.
  • When the search result comes out, the apps should be the first on the list depending on the one you search for.
  • Tap on it. For Android tap on Install and Accept, while for iOS tap on Get and Install.

Now following the process as are listed above will ensure that the app is downloaded to your device. Now there is still one app facebook we would still tall about next.

The Facebook messenger

This is different from the Facebook app. In the sense that it is the messaging part of Facebook, that is, it is the app that enables you to chat with your Facebook friends. This app was recently split from the main Facebook app some time ago. To install the Facebook messenger to your phone do the below process.

  • Launch your app store or play store
  • Now, type and search for Facebook messenger.
  • Once the result comes out tap on the first one it should be the ‘Facebook messenger.’
  • Then tap on Install and Accept while on iOS tap on Get and Install.

And that is all to download the Facebook messenger to your device. With the Facebook messenger downloaded to your device, you can now set it up and start chatting using the Facebook messenger. Which is the chat app for the Facebook platform itself. Follow this link to know how to set up a Facebook messenger.


It is a must to have the Facebook apps installed on your device if you use Facebook. it is however not enough only using Facebook on a desktop because at a point where you are not in a place to assess a desktop you can’t use Facebook if there is an urgent need. therefore having the app installed on your device would go a long way in helping you anywhere you are in accessing Facebook.  And that is why this guild was made. To make you understand what Facebook application is and how to install them on your device.

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