Apple in Display Fingerprint Scanner

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Have you ever wondered if there is an Apple in Display Fingerprint Scanner ? or are you looking forward to apple including it on their next iPhone device then you are on the right post. because on this post we will look at the first device to feature the in-display fingerprint scanner, in-display fingerprint scanner, talk about the two types. and also talk about the Apple in Display Fingerprint Scanner.

First in-Display Fingerprint Scanner Device – Apple in Display Fingerprint Scanner

The world was shocked when VIVO announced that they were going to be the first company to make an under display fingerprint scanner. This information was received with mixed feeling with people thinking if it is actually going to be possible this soon and not in the future. However when the VIVO x20 plus UD came out it featured the the world’s first under display fingerprint scanner. now if you are wondering what an in-display fingerprint scanner is we’ll be looking at that that on the next section.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner – Apple in Display Fingerprint Scanner

An in display fingerprint scanner or sensor is basically a fingerprint scanner. But in this case, it is embedded under the display of a smartphone. As a result of the need to make the smartphone all screen, Bazel less and more futuristic. that is the same reason for making the front of a phone all-screen. which means the removal of certain functions from the front of the phone to accommodate for the all-screen. one of such functions you find on the front of some devices like apple phones and samsung phones is the fingerprint scanner.

Since the front of a mobile device could no longer accommodate the fingerprint scanner, it was moved to the back. however due to the continuing trend, sophistication of technology, and the need to improve on smartphones. it has now moved under the display of a smartphone.

Types of In-displ Fingerprint Scanner

They are basically two different take on the in-display or under-display fingerprint scanner for now. they are the Optical in-display fingerprint scanner and the Qualcomm 3D ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. we will look at them next.

Optical in-Display Fingerprint Scanner

The optical in display fingerprint scanner like the name suggests makes use off light. when a finger is placed on the surface of the screen where it entails, a bright light is shown in order to map the fingerprint pattern of a finger. which must have been registered already to unlock the device. So yes an optical in-display fingerprint scanner makes use of light to read fingerprints and unlock devices. examples of this can be found in Oneplus 6t, Vivo v15 pro, Oppo f11 pro and a bunch of other devices.

Qualcomm 3D Ultrasonic in-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Lunch together with the Snapdragon 855. The Qualcomm 3D Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner makes use of sound waves to build a map in a 3D readable pattern of your fingerprint to unlock your phone. And I think this 3D ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner should be more secure than the optical in-display fingerprint scanner.

Apple in-Display Fingerprint Scanner

Now it’s time to look at the main purpose of this thread. which is about the
Apple in Display Fingerprint Scanner. Apple lost its touch with the iPhone xs max and other latest iPhone devices they released. And are trying to get back and make more sales as the as they used to. That is why they are considering some aspects to change on their next device to boost their sales. It is therefore rumored that Apple is considering an in-display fingerprint scanner for their next device. However it might be possible they will make use of the 3D ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. As they are looking into companies that manufactured it for Samsung on the s10.


the in-display fingerprint scanner is definitely the next trend in the smartphone evolution. Its a start to greater things to come. However, the trend is beginning to shift from the optical in-display fingerprint scanner to a more secure 3d Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. The future is uncertain. And definitely contains a lot more advanced take on the in-display fingerprint scanner. If the trend will continue in the area of the in-display fingerprint scanner.

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