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Dating is one of the basic necessities of the recent era we are now and the way we find ourselves dates has been forever changed. In the time’s passed one must have to meet in person to find someone to fall in love with and date. But in recent times the reverse is the case, now you can simply fall in love and date just from the conform of your home. Online dating is one of the biggest things people now do on the internet these days, and there are thousands of sites for this purpose which brings us to this post on best dating sites.

And so on this post, you will see some of the best dating sites for you or anyone looking to engage in online dating. So you should seat back and relax if that sounds like what you will be interested in today.

Best Dating Sites

Before we go ahead and just jump in let’s just see briefly about dating sites. A dating site is a website simply for dating as we all know. There are thousands of dating platforms on the internet but not all of them are good. I personally have used a lot and there were some not worth my time while others are absolutely worth it. Hence I have compiled this list for you today to show you just 10 of the best of them dating sites. So with your further time-wasting let’s go straight ahead and start.

Best Dating Sites Online

Now we will take a close look at 10 of the best dating sites 2019, to look at what makes then great and some brief features and then talk generally about them and more today. So that by the end you would see reasons with me why we picked them.

1 – Tinder

 Tinder is one of the most widely used dating platform however its an app, but also has a website for web access. Yes, it can basically be used on mobile and on a computer via the website. Tinder makes use of the swiping feature whereby users are shown profiles of other users where they can swipe left if not interest and swipe right if interested. Once two users are interested in each other chatting and dating and start from there.

All you need is to register on tinder with either your phone number or your account and te specify the kind of people you are interested in. Once that is done the rest is history. The tinder platform works very well to find quick dates. 

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2 –

The is another very popular and good platform for dating. It has over 3 million users in the UK alone and more in other places. This platform also offers free unlimited membership to its uses or you can decide to get premium membership. All you have to do is to register on the platform and create a profile and then find partners using the app or the website.

This platform is easy to use as you can either use the app or the website. One important feature of this the platforms is that you can decide to go “Zen mode” which will only show you people that match your specification hence the name All you do is head to and register and start your matching journey.

3 – eharmony

The eharmony platform is one of the best for thorough and through dating. They focus on every aspect to find you a date, not like those other quick finding dates platform. There is a long process you will pass through while signing up to this site, all this is to make sure they find you the perfect dating partner, not just quick irrelevant once. 

Using this platform takes a little time as they pay attention to all the details of your life to find you the best match. There are over 4 million users on this platform making for better chances of finding real partners. Their free membership is limited so you will have to opt for premium and it is worth it. Head to the eharmony website to start.

4 – EliteSingles

 This platform has a large number of uses over 12 million uses worldwide which is incredible for dating. This site is even more detailed than the eharmony we talk about above. As they take dating a step further by asking all sorts of questions about you. These are just to make sure you find you the perfect date. Uses are matched with other users on this platform based on information gotten from personal tests and surveys. 

This platform has 85% of its users to be very intellectual, so if you are looking for intelligent partners then this site is your best bet. Free membership is limited on this platform so you can opt for premium. To join head to the Elite singles platform and register

5 – Lumen

One of the things I love so much about this platform is that its free membership though it is limited in a way. Another feature of this platform is that it is made for old people dating like people from in their 50s and above. With over 350,000 users worldwide you can easily find dates both matured and young on this platform. This site features verified accounts so as to ensure that you are chatting with a real and the right person. 

With lumen chatting with like-minded people becomes an easy thing to do. To get started head over to the Lumen website and register.

6 – OkCupid

This is another one of the most popular platforms to find love. So many people have been using this site to find love and on our next site on this post best dating sites we would look at it. However, this platform is more an app than an online website. 

This app makes use of a series of questions that will eventually lead to finding and matching you with the perfect people. With this app, you will get you are more likely to find a date that will change your life. Visit their website to get started today OkCupid.

7 – Zoosk

Zoosk is another of the best and top dating platforms around for some time now. It gives you a fresh way to find a date using machine learning. Signing up is free but to access and use this platform it’s not free. As you will have to pay for premium, also to get started you either sign up with Facebook or your number and more. Head to the Zoosk platform to sign up.

8 – Plenty of Fish 

There are plenty of fishes in the sea as we all know. And this platform is taking that approach as uses can access the photos, profile, and more of other users for free. Also, it provides uses with surveys in other to match them with who they would be compatible with. To register head to the website and do that.

9 – Bumble

This another good site but for women with lots of confidence. This platform is quite interesting. You know it requires women to first of all message a guy and wait for 24hous for him to reply. Within which if he doesn’t message back them the match is revoked. Like I said this is an interesting feature that is accepted by many.  All you need to do to start is head over to the Bumble website and sign up.

10 – Hinge

We have come to the last on the list of this post today, and we are rounding up with Hinge. Hinge is one platform that focuses entirely on common interests or connection which you and a potential match has on facebook. There are over 5 million users worldwide, though this site is still new but it has been making waves. There are very specific questions you must answer here while signing up, which can get you a potential match. The app is entirely free and it is amongst the best. To get started viste the Hinge website.

Dangers of Online Dating

As to everything been done on the earth, there is always some level of risk or dangers. However there is always a good side. But most people only consider the good aspects and leaves the bad aspect out of it. Dating online has its own ups and downs as like every other thing. But the question is that, are the pros more than the cons? I am just going to outline some of the few disadvantages of online dating for you to see in this post. 

First of all, people lie, this is the number one disadvantage. As they lie on their profiles on their bio and others, so this is one turn off. Another reason is that most people engage in online dating because they are shy to go out. So if you meet up with a shy person and you do not like shy people this can be a problem. Distance is also another factor here, planning to online without hope of seeing each other is useless as the distance will do damage to the relationship.

Not everyone that you have a steaming chat with always online is so when you met up. They might be compatible with you online but in person, you might no be compatible at all. We will stop there because this post I not about the dangers of online dating.


Dating online has really been a big deal and with it, so many people found the love of their life. And are still strong in love, now this post has highlighted some of the 10 best sites for you to find true love. So you can get these platforms and help your self find a date and change your relationship status today. And as so doing make sure you are doing it for the right reason.