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Christmas is here again and it’s a time to jolly, a time to merry and a time celebrate this glorious period. It was not that long we celebrated the one of last year and yet so another Christmas is here again. And we must celebrate it whether you want to spend yours at home or with friends, at parties or chilling with Netflix, This post today will show you some of the best Netflix Christmas movies to watch during this glorious period.

But first, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Chrismas we wish you a Merry Chrismas and a happy new year. Seasons greetings to you all, now let us continue.

Best Netflix Christmas Movies

There is nothing like I always say like a good movie. And right about now, right about this period, there are lots of Christmas movies you can catch on Netflix. This best Netflix Christmas movie will keep you entertained throughout this Chrismas period and I bet you that you will want no more. So on this post, I am going to list and talk briefly on then so that we all can know about them.

Best Christmas Movies On Netflix

So if you are looking for movies to chill out this Christmas holiday period then without further ado let us go right ahead and jump in.

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A Christmas Prince

This is one of the really best Chrismas movies that we have streaming right on Netflix right now. This movie is a must-watch if you are to get in the spirit of Christmas. The movie is written by Nathan Atkins and directed by Alex Zamm. The cast of the movie is Rose McIver, Ben Lamb, Alice Krige, Emma Louise Saunders, Sarah Douglas. 

So if you would like to experience the romance between a charming prince and a beautiful lady then this movie should be at the top of your list. Heck, it is already at the top of yours.

The Christmas Chronicles

This movie can be considered one of the best Christmas movies ever. One thing I wouldn’t like is for you to wish for Santa to visit you with gifs as well you know its all just in the movies. Writer Matt Lieberman and director Clay Kaytis really did a pretty good job on the movie. The movie features trying times for a family that was set apart after the death of their father, and they later saved Christmas at the end of the day as the story unfolds.

The Princess Switch

Released in 2018, this movie is also another very exciting Chrismas movie to watch on Netflix this holiday period. Two identical women played by the same person (Vanessa Hudgens) met and became friends and then planned to switch their lives for each other. And that was how the incredible romance store unfolds.

The Holiday Calander

This incredible romance and adventure movie is centered around the incredible moment when a young handsome blessed guy sweeps a beautiful lady of the ground. She is madly in love and that’s how it goes. Also, you will notice that the name of this movie involves a calendar which was received by a photographer. And whenever she put anything in that calendar it magically happens. Well not to spoil the fun, as this movie is streaming now on Netflix.

A Christmas Prince – The Royal Wedding 

This is the sequel to the first A Christmas Prince movie when a prince is madly in love with a common lady. This is the royal wedding between two love birds streaming on Netflix. If you have seen the first part then it’s a must that you also see this part and enjoy it. This is another movie to keep your self occupied this holiday period.

White Christmas

Christmas is always coming in the winter period. This is a movie for the music lovers, if you are into music, you would love this old classic. The romance missed with, music and comedy movie is based on the teaming up to perform a show on Christmas. If this movie sounds like what you might be into then you show brace yourself as you will get lots of it.

Christmas Inheritance

Just imagine you will have to do something easy before you can get your inheritance. That’s what this movie is all about. A young woman has to deliver a simple Christmas card to someone which in turn unfolds the whole story in the movie.

Holiday In the Wild

This Netflix movie is kinder emotional and adventure, it starts when a woman’s marriage is ended. Heartbroken she journeys to Africa with a pilot and then had a fantastic adventure where they rescued an elephant. And that is how the movie unfolded and the adventure starts.

The Spirit of Christmas

This movie features a very interesting plot whereby a lady falls in love with a spirit that takes up the form of humans just 12 days to Chrismas. And like all movies, there must come a time where the spirit must return back.

Let It Snow 2019

This movie like you have seen in the title is a 2019 movie it is the very first on our list today. A group of high school teens are brought together by a small snowstorm that hits their town. And things change when feelings began to set in before Christmas.

Other movies are included below, we will just only mention them and not talk about them.

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El Camino Christmas
The Knight Before Christmas
Christmas Wedding Planner
A Very Murray Christmas

There you have it on this post today. these are our top pick for Best Netflix Christmas Movies for you to use in chilling this Christmas period. With all these interesting movies you will never have a dull Christmas. Merry Christmas and know that Jesus is the reason for the season.

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