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If you are a Catholic and you are looking for Catholic easter facebook cover photos to use on your facebook profile to mark the death and resurrection of Christ. And to tell others or to show others that you acknowledge the fact that its easter, Then this post is for you. this post on Catholic easter facebook cover photos we show you how to access them how to download them, and how to use them. I am not going to take much of your time on this post as it is already holy Saturday.

Catholic Easter Facebook Cover Photos
Catholic Easter Facebook Cover Photos

What is Easter?

Like we all know, Easter marks the death and the resurrection of Christ. He died and resurrected 3 days later over three thousand years ago hence easter came into play marking his death and his resurrection. Not only Catholics celebrate Easter. Other Christian denominations do also. Likewise would want to use catholic easter facebook cover photos. these photos are not meant for Catholic only, but for everyone. this photos can be used as a way of telling others about the death and resurrection of Christ.

Catholic Easter Facebook Cover Photos

Cover photos are large pictures or images, that is above your profile picture on your Facebook profile. Cover photos are not your profile picture they are different. In as much as they are placed above your profile picture as a cover for your profile. and are significantly larger, it is not completely visible until you tap on it to reveal the whole picture.

In the same vein, Catholic Easter facebook cover photos are photos about the death and resurrection of Christ. And other significant things relating to Christ death and resurrection that can be used as cover photos during the Easter period. Of which Christ died and resurrected again. that is why it is important to use them as facebook cover photos during this holy week or period. Next, we’ll talk about how to access the catholic easter photos.

How to Access the Catholic Easter Photos

To access the Catholic Easter photos to use as Facebook covers during the Easter period or any other time, follow the process below.

  • Visit this link here
  • When the page is opened, you will find a series of images to use as catholic easter facebook cover photos.

How how to download the Catholic Easter Photos

This is a continuation of the steps above. To download the catholic easter facebook photos continue reading.

  • After opening the link above
  • And you now have access to the series of Easter photos to use as cover,
  • Tap on any of the photos which will reveal similar photos
  • To download any one, tap and hold it for few seconds until a new window will appear on your screen
  • Now tap on Download image

When you tap download image image would begin to download on your device. Follow the next process to use it as a cover photo.

How to use Images as Cover Photos

To use images as cover photos on both the Facebook app and desktop carry out the following processes.

Using the Mobile App

  • Open the mobile Facebook app and tap on the Three horizontal lines at the top right side of the page
  • Now tap on your profile
  • And tap on Edit with the camera icon on it
  • A new window will appear, select Upload photo and choose from the photos on your phone the one you want to use as the cover photo
  • Drag to adjust the cover photo to the way you want it and tap on Save.

Using Facebook on Computer

  • open Facebook on your browser and log in
  • now click on your name which is at the top left part of the screen (this will open your profile)
  • now on the top left corner of the large image at the back of your profile picture, you will see a camera icon, click on it
  • and click on Upload photos to choose a cover picture.


Cover photos are a great way to mark the period in which an event is ongoing. so do not let the Easter pass you by without using one of the easter photos about the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus on your profile. with this guild, you now have all you need to get your hands on the best Catholic Easter cover photos.

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