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Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to access your computer remotely? If you have wondered about that in the past, then you might want a solution to it. The Chrome remote desktop software or application is what you need to start making accessing your computer remotely This is the app or software that will enable you to access your computer screen on other devices anywhere you are anywhere you go. And so this post will show you how to use the Google Chrome remote desktop software or application to access your computer device anywhere you are.

Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop

The Chrome remote desktop is a software for computers or apps for mobile devices. Where one can use to easily mirror their computer screen to any devices they have presently anywhere they are. In other words, it is a software used to access files or apps on another computer from another computer or device. And this can be done easily over the internet. You can use this app to access files of another computer powerfully over a low bandwidth connection.

This software unofficial name used in describing the accessing of files from another computer with another device is called “Chromoting.” Gotten from the word Chrome and remoting. The Google remote desktop software or application as I have mentioned before is available on both PC and mobile devices. And all of these platforms can be used easily to access the files in your computer over the internet easily. Well provided you know how to set it up and use it.

Google Chrome Remote Desktop 

Just like the Google Chrome remote desktop application or software, there are also various apps and software that can be used to access a computer remotely. However, the chrome remote desktop software or app is the best of them all. As some of them are slow in operating on mirroring a computer and others have various issues and malfunctions. All making the Google Chrome remote desktop software one of the best for assessing or mirroring your computer screen.

In a bit, we will look at how to mirror or access your computer files from another computer or device. But first things first, let us first look at how to set up the Chrome remote desktop app so that your computer can be accessed from another device.

Chrome Remote Desktop Download 

The first step for you to be able to access the files of a computer from another device or computer is for you to first install or download the Chrome remote desktop software on your PC. This can be done for both Linux, Mac or Windows computers respectively. So let’s see the steps to do that below.

  • Switch on your computer if off and open the Chrome browser.
  • Once your Chrome browser has properly opened visit on it.
  • Once it has opened, under the “Set up remote access ” then click on the Download button you will see.
  • Now you can follow the on-screen instructions and the prompt to properly download and install the software.

There are some things you should note. Like you may have to enter your computer password. And you might also be prompted to change some security settings just do that.

How to Access Your Computer Remotely 

Now that we have seen how to install and set up the chrome remote desktop software on our computer. It is definitely time to see how to access the files from our computer using the chrome remote app installed on your device or another computer to access the files on your computer.

For Computer

To access your computer remotely from another computer or device is easy. You have will have to carry out the procedure below to do that.

  1. Using your computer open your chrome application.
  2. Now type in the address and then press your enter key to load the page.
  3. Then click on Access to see which of the computer you want to access.
  4. Now enter the pin they gave to use which you will need to access your computer.
  5. Tap on the Arrow to connect.
  6. To stop the remote connection when done, close the tab.

For Andriod

  1. Open your play store, now type and search for “Chrome remote desktop.”
  2. When the result is out tap on the first one which should be it.
  3. Tap on Install and Accept. Now, wait for the app to download and install.
  4. Open the app, and tap on the computer you want to remotely access.

Note that if a computer is dimmed, then the computer is offline so you have to bring it online.

For iPhone and iPad

  1. Open your app store then search and download the chrome remote app to your device.
  2. Then tap on the computer you want to connect to and you are done.

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