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Conference calling is now becoming a big deal. In fact, it already is a big deal. I will always say that not only those in a conference can make conference calls when they have a meeting, now nowadays the world is more advanced that even just friends do Conference call on iPhone.

Just to have fun. And there are so many platforms now out there for that purpose. So today we will be talking about making conference call on iPhone. iPhone devices are one of your favorite devices, so I want you to stay tuned and relax as we go on the ride.

Conference Call

There is no need to waste a lot of time here. We all know what a conference call is. A conference is like a gathering together of people for a special occasion. But what do you do when these people need to be gathered together for something urgent and they are far apart. What you do is that you put them in a conference call to that effect. So meaning that conference call is making a call and talking with more that one person at the same time.

Here everybody can talk and communicate effectively and be heard by others in the same call thats all. This method of calling has been around for quite a long time now and has been initially used by members in a board meeting. And also members of the government, who all use this feature. 

Conference call on iPhone

The iPhone is one of the most widely used devices battling for dominance with Samsung. And there are millions of people using its devices and make calls on a daily basis. Now imagine if you can communicate with more that one of your friends during a phone call at the same time. That is where this feature comes in.

iPhone devices have been known to do conference callings for some time now, however, not many people know about this or are ready to use it. But the few who does, are looking for an easy way to do that. Which they will learn in a bit on this post today. 

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If you use an iPhone, then you have the opportunity to make a call with up to five people at the same time. That is the limit of conference calls on an iPhone device, if you would like to increase that then you might want to try other platforms for it. Finally making conference calls on all iPhone devices is pretty much the same thing including conference call on iPhone 6.

How to Make Conference call on iPhone

Doing this is pretty much easy. That’s if you have an iPhone handy otherwise then you will have to go and get one. Preferably get the latest iPhone if you know what I mean. Ok back to business. See the process below which shows how to do that easily.

  1. Pick up yout iPhone device and make a call.
  2. Once the call is connected, tap on Add Call and then type the number of the next person you want to call.
  3. When the next call is connected tap on Merge Calls.

The trick here is to repeat step two and step three to add to the maximum number of callers on the call. You can tap on the Red button to end the call.


Using this feature is always fun to do. And now that you have seen the process that it’s easy you can start doing it with your friends. All that you need is just an iPhone, and you are good to go. 

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