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For we all know that deleting or destroying something is easier than making or creating it. That’s why I will be talking about how to delete Facebook page on this post today. if you find yourself being tired of your Facebook page, and you wouldn’t want to continue with it anymore or because the business associated with the page is no longer relevant. Then this post will teach you that easily. Its always a shame to see something you’ve created being destroyed. But what can you do when it is no longer needed? or will you just leave it to be like a ghost of past activity?

Delete Facebook Page
Delete Facebook Page

Delete Facebook Page

While deleting a Facebook page is quite easy to do. It is something you really want to think through before you embark on. Because once you have done so it is impossible to bring back. You will have to create a new page and then work on it to be as good as the former one. When you delete a page, however, it will still be available for a 14 days period. Which is when you can recover back the page. That means within this 14 days you can decide to restore back the page you are trying to delete.

One can simply decide to click on publish so that only admins will be able to see Facebook page. Doing so will ensure only admin can see the page and the options will be available for you to click on once want to delete the page. You can see how more about Facebook Business Page.

Why Delete it?

There are different reasons someone would want to delete a page. From the fact that the page being irrelevant to you or you have lost interest in it. Or maybe you are no longer in that line of work and you see no need in keeping the page around. The fact is whatever your reasons are it is totally up to you if you want to delete your page. Continue reading to know exactly how to do that in a bit.

How to Delete Facebook Pages

Deleting a Facebook page is easy and can be done without stress. To do so you have to follow the procedure I have designed and made easy especially for you. Without making a mistake so as to how to delete a facebook business page.

  • Open your Facebook and log in your account.
  • Enter the page you want to delete enter tap Settings.
  • Now scroll down to the bottom of the General tab and tap on Remove page.
  • And finally to be done with it click on Delete page and tap on Ok to confirm the delete.

However, only the creator of the page will have access to delete the page. Because, well that person created the page in the first place. In other words, if you are not the creator of the page you can’t delete that page. This method can also be used to delete Facebook pages and will delete facebook page permanently.

Remove Facebook Page Review

It is necessary to remove reviews from your page from time to time especially if they are bad. Which can harm your page credibility. However, this can only be done by removing all reviews from the page. to do that kindly carry out the process below listed for you exactly.

  • Log in your Facebook account.
  • Locate Setting and click on settings.
  • Then choose “Template and tabs.”
  • Scroll down to where you find reviews and tap on the Settings button next to it.
  • Now the review is toggled on, what you do is that you toggle off Show review, then click on Save.

However, toggling off the reviews would not guarantee them being deleted. They will just be invisible or unavailable till you turn them back on. Best way to fight against bad reviews is to actually correct the error you made and make your Page More effective.

How to Delete a Facebook Group Message on Facebook

You might have sent a wrong message, or made a post against the group’s rules and regulations and you want to delete it from a Facebook group. do not panic I will show you how to do so. However, the only problem is you must be the creator of the page in order for you to delete messages from it.

  • Go to your group chat conversation tab
  • Tap on the Actions drop-down and then select Delete messages.
  • Check the messages in the chatbox that you would want to delete.
  • Finally, click on the Delete button.

After clicking on the delete button, the messages will be deleted from the group. But if you are not the group creator, then you might want to contact the Creator to help you delete the messages. Also can check my post on how to create a Facebook group.


it is necessary to get rid of things is no longer have interesting or used in any way. What you really want to do and there must be absolutely every reason for you to delete a page. If you have good reasons are there for you to do so, finally carry-outs that action. also, be mine that you can restore the paid back within 14 days after which it is permanently deleted.

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