Download The Facebook Dating App – Dating On Facebook App | Facebook Dating App 2020

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Download the Facebook dating app does necessarily mean there is a standalone app for Facebook dating that you will download. 

The Facebook dating app is not a standalone app. It is the Facebook dating feature that is available on the Facebook app itself. So if downloaded the Facebook app then you\ have download the Facebook dating app because they are intertwined.

Download The Facebook Dating App
Download The Facebook Dating App

The Facebook dating app which is just above 2 years old is now one of the best places people go to to find dates online before meeting physically. Since the dawn of the Facebook dating platform, so many users have engaged with it effectively to find dates and partners for themselves.

Facebook in a quest to change the over 200 million singles on its platform was forced to come up with the idea of a dating service. And now the Facebook dating service is widely used in so many countries and is still being available to more. It is safe to say that this is now the official way to date on the Facebook platform. 

Download the Facebook Dating App

Facebook dating makes it very easy for you to find love on the Facebook platform. If you would recall I mention that they are over 200 million singles on Facebook before the launch of the Facebook dating service.

What we are referred to as the Facebook dating app is the Facebook dating feature or service that is present on the Facebook app itself. Where users can opt-in if they decide to use dating.

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This app has what it takes to find you a meaningful relationship, partners with common interest when you have set up your dating profile. It is designed to find you the perfect match.

The dating service was launched about 2 years ago and since then so many single and now happily dating others are married and so on. This is me telling you that if you looking for a date then it’s high time you turn your attention to Facebook.

Facebook Dating App Features

There are lots of key features of the Facebook dating app when it comes to dating. However, I will try and mention some of them and give a brief explanation so that you know what it is.

  1. The secret crush feature. This feature lets you secretly match with people you already know on Facebook or Instagram that you like. So if you are interested in a romantic relationship between your friendship circle on Facebook this is a feature to use.
  2. You can also add your Instagram post to your profile when using Facebook dating. Which we, in turn, help you in building a better dating profile for easy matching of potential dates.
  3. Using dating, you can share details of your date. 
  4. Creating a good dating profile is very easy. Facebook has made it very easy for you to create a very good and compelling dating profile.

How Facebook dating app works

The way Facebook dating works is easy. All you have to do is opt into Facebook dating if Facebook dating is available in your location or country.

Of course, you must have already downloaded the Facebook app. The question is how do you know if Facebook dating is available in your location or country?

How you know is this, when you check your profile at the top right corner of your screen you will see a Heart icon. That heart icon is the Facebook dating icon. Tapping on it means you have opt-in Facebook dating. Then you can create a very compelling and attractive dating profile.

The second way is to check your newsfeed for a notification that says Facebook dating is now available. Then you can respond to it. 


This is where it gets a little bit annoying. Or you can simply say this is where so many people get disappointed. This is due to the simple fact that this feature is not yet available worldwide. As of now, it is available in the US, 19 other countries.

Some of the countries are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, and others. However, Facebook is promising it will be available in Europe in early 2020.

The bottom line is that this feature is slowly being rolled out. And that is a major turnoff and disappointment to many.

Other Ways to date on Facebook

Now before the dawn of the Facebook dating service, dating has been going on Facebook. There are different ways of doing so easily apart from the dating app.

We have Facebook dating groups and dating apps. All of this can be accessed from Facebook direct and the apps can be downloaded easily.

So if you are interested in using other means of dating then you can try out these methods. Maybe the official dating is not yet available in your location you can try thee out.


Why some of us are using it already, others are eager for when this dating feature will be available. The bottom line is that the Facebook dating app has been an instant hit right from the time it was launched. And has made many relationships.

At the same time, I cannot ask you to put your life on hold waiting for it to be available to you. You can look at other forms of dating until then.

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