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Good day guys and welcome to this post today. Today we’re going to be talking about something very exciting and interesting. Something in the form of FaceApp. Yes, you might have seen or heard of it. your friends post pictures on Facebook and other social media platform using this application. is a very exciting and interesting application that has lots of features and it is now making waves on the internet. That’s why I decided to talk about it today on this post. So if would like to know how to download the app, how to use it how to set it up and all that, then stay tuned on the post.


What is FaceApp?

This app is an application that is present on both the Android and iOS app store that users can download and use in transforming their facial looks to make them look younger, older, smaller, finer, more handsome and so on. This is basically an app to transform your looks to whatever you want, and this app comes with all things needed for you to successfully do that. The app also has 21 free features for you to use in adjusting your looks. To get capture images of how you look and upload to social media so your friends can like comment and share.

Faceapp Free

This application called the FaceApp has two versions. one is the basic version which is the free version of the application. While the other is the paid version which is the pro version of this application. Now FaceApp free has 21 filters that you can choose from to edit your photos and transform your looks. However, if you want more then you are going to have to opt for the pro version. The free version is pretty enough and contains most all things you will need to transform your looks.

FaceApp Online

Face app online is making waves on the internet and has over 80 million active users. These users engage the app all using it for the same purpose from making them look younger, to making them older, to see how they will look when they wear glasses changing their hairstyle and so on. Which the app, you get full-sized filters, many effects and mix, and match styles. This is basically a fun factor right now it is good for you to get it on your device if you have not done so.

However there is a bit of a hiccup. As there are speculations saying that face app stores user data for their own ulterior purpose. But, there has been no official confirmation that this is true. but the fact is that users using the app upload their pictures to a server present on the face app application seems to want to say otherwise. anyway, this has not stopped the millions of users that are active on this app monthly.

FaceApp Download

Despite the fact of the security risks that it is speculated to pose, which may be true or may not be. if you still want to go ahead to download the faceapp apk and using it or your phone to determine what you will look like during your old age or what you looked like when Young. Then I formally presented the below procedure for the faceapp free download on Android and iOS.

  • Launch your app store or your play store depending on the device you use.
  • Now type and search for FaceApp on the search bar.
  • What the result is out, the FaceApp application should be the first one. Tap on it to show the download page
  • For Android, tap-on Install and Accept. Why for iOS tap on Get and Install.

That is the whole process on downloading the app. if you have done that correctly you would watch the app install on your device and then after that you can open it and get usesy.

FaceApp Android

This application on the Android device is basically the same thing with the faceapp ios device. I see no reason why they will be much different. also, both are the basic app of the platform. to get the application for the Android device is easy and has been talked about above. All you need is your play store, an internet connection, and the Android device then you’re good to go. The download process is basically as easy as you have seen above. So give it a try today and see how you look.

FaceApp on PC

While this app can be used on Android it, it can’t be used on a PC. That is because it’s a mobile application. However, there is a workaround this. To use this app on your PC, you have to download an android emulator for your PC in other to do so. Once the emulator is downloaded and installed on your PC. Them you can now get about the process of installing the faceapp application on your emulator on your PC. That’s about how it’s done and how faceapp windows or on any pc.

FaceApp Gender Swap

The faceapp gender swap is a feature or a filter present on the application itself. That if used or activated swap your gender and make you look like yourself in the opposite sex order. Faceapp is asking you if you can date the opposite version or gender of yourself. however, you have to try that out and see for yourself when you download the app and do a gender swap and can even save it and upload to Facebook and other social media.


Since the speculation about the security risks of the face app application. It will be expected if you do not want to have anything anymore to do with this app. However, so are many other apps you are using they are also exposing or putting you at risk of privacy invasion. so I wouldn’t blame you if you go ahead and continue using this app to see how you will look in the future and the past if you are the opposite gender and so on. Therefore give this up a try today if you are still determined to continue using the app despite the security risk factor then you can go ahead and give it a try.

am loyal smart and humble.