Facebook ad size – Facebook ads image size | Facebook ads specification 2019

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Before you set up that your Facebook ad you have been wanting to do for quite some time now it is important for you to go through this post on Facebook ad size before you set up your ad. You can’t just wake up and just decide to set up ads. because there are specs and patterns your ad has to meet in order for them to be effective on the Facebook platform. This guide will teach you all the necessary requirements for your image and content that will be added to your ads to make it very effective. Also, it will show you the different kinds of Facebook ads that you can try or make use of them for setting up your ad. And other important things at the end of this post before setting up your ad.

Facebook ad size
Facebook ad size

Facebook ad size

There are certain requirements that are needed to be considered before you post an ad. These requirements, however, will determine the effectiveness of your ad on the Facebook platform. you can’t just wake up and just start to post or set up a Facebook ad without having the proper knowledge of the requirements and specs to do so. Which is the purpose of this guide. There are different kinds of Facebook ad formats, we would talk about only four types on this post today which are. Single image ad, single video ad, carousel ad, and collection ad. These are the four types of Facebook ads we will look at on today’s post. Now lets quickly go ahead and talk about them and their specs.

Facebook ad size and ads spec

Single image ad:

These are the oldest of all ads they just require only a single image, and then a small headline or what the ad is about. The specifications are below.

  • Image size : 1,200 × 629 pixel
  • Ratio 1,91:1
  • Use little text or no text at all on the image.
  • Text characters: 90
  • Headline character: 25
  • Link description characters: 30

Single video ad

Facebook single video ads are easy to create with any kind of video you want from short gif video to long videos that go in details and others. The video specs for video ads and stated below.

  • Video format: MP4 or MOV.
  • Vidoe resolution: max 720p
  • Vidoe ratio: 16:9
  • the vidoe length: 60sec – 120mins
  • Vidoe side: 2.3 GB max
  • Thumbnail image: 1,200 × 675 pixel, with aspect ratio o 16:9
  • Tex characters: 90
  • Headline characters: 25
  • Link description characters: 30

However other videos formats are also allowed on this type of ad. just take note of this.

Carousel ad

This makes use of more than one image, and also videos can be added to give the audience a better understanding of the ads. The specs are below

  • Image type: jpeg and png
  • Video type: MOV and MP4
  • Image resolution: 1,080 × 1,080
  • Image ratio : 1:1
  • the Image file size: 30mb max
  • Amount of text allowed on image: little or no text at all
  • Video size: 4GB max
  • Video length: 240minutes maximum
  • Video aspect ratio : 4:5
  • Headline characters: 40
  • Description text characters: 125
  • Link description characters: 25

Those are the specs for the carousel ad. Let’s go over and talk about the last one which is the collection ad.

Collection ad

They are normally for those that have products they want to showcase. This ad can combine both video and images together just to attract or maximize audience outreach. The specs for this ad are below.

  • Text characters: 90
  • Headline characters: 45
  • Description characters: 30
  • Image resolution: 1,200 × 628 with a 1.9 : 1 ratio
  • Video resolution: 16:9 or 1:1 square and MP4 or MOV format

With this, we have come to the end of the four different kinds of Facebook ads we said we would look at on this guide. The reason for this format and ad size and the specifications is to teach you how to properly set up your ad for maximum impact. therefore I would advise you follow the specification strictly when setting up your ads. as this is the direct specs as recommended by Facebook for ads to run successfully on Facebook.

Facebook ads manager – Facebook ad size

The Facebook ads manager is like the boss of ads. In which you have to make use of it once you have ads running on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, and other related facebook platforms. the facebook ads manager helps you to monitor, edit, change and see the progress of your ads. To know or get the in-depth knowledge about Facebook ads manager, check my detailed guide on Facebook ads manager.

Facebook advertising tips

I am going to throw this one in for free, I’ll be giving you three solid tips to make your Facebook ad successful.

  • Make more of video ads. Because people believe what they see and tend to respond to even better to it in video form. Make more video ads it will definitely improve the impact of your ads.
  • Consider where you place your ads very carefully before placing your ads. Check if where you are placing your ads will make it get to the right people or Target audience.
  • Use striking images, these are captivating images that cannot be overlooked. Images that will make people want to view your ads.

The above are 3 of the best Facebook advertising tips or Facebook advertising strategies you would want to adopt that are guaranteed to give you maximum results when your ad is live.


There is no denying the fact that in taking your business to the Facebook environment an ad is one of the things you must consider in doing so. Facebook ads do not only mean posting ads on Facebook for money no, it is much more than that it has to do with building a business or a brand awareness on the Facebook platform that will lead to more income generation in your business. this Facebook ads guide Post has taught you all the necessary dimensions and specifications you need to know in placing or creating your ads. Follow them strictly as they are there for the purpose of making your ads successful altogether.

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