Facebook Ads Cost – Ads cost on Facebook | Facebook Ads Cost Per Click

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If you are new or you are already a user of the Facebook ads. Then one question might still elude you which is the question of the Facebook ads cost. And on this post, we are going to analyze that for you to see. Therefore, it is necessary for you to stay tuned and make sure you read this post to the end. As it will benefit you and your ad campaign. We will also talk about Ads cost on Facebook, Facebook ads cost calculator and much more on this post.

Facebook Ads Cost
Facebook Ads Cost

Facebook Ads Cost

While there is no specific direct method to calculate the cost of individuals ads there is an indirect way to calculate them. In the form of average. So follow me closely. The average CPC meaning cost-per-click of a Facebook ad is $1.86. While the average cost per thousand views(CPM) is 11.20 dollars. these numbers vary due to a great number of different variables, concerning your business the quality of the ads, the kind of ads, the impressions and so on. So like I said it is the exact cost of a Facebook ad for everybody is different and varies due to several variables.

Ads cost on Facebook

While the Facebook ad is affordable for all businesses, if you are determined to know how much to Facebook ads cost, then continue reading. Just placing facebook ads is not enough, as there are other factors that determine the success of your ad campaign on the Facebook platform. Some of which is when your ads are properly designed and targeted. Do bear that in mind the next time you are creating an ad so that you don’t waste money.

Facebook business ads cost current for minimum spending is 1$. That’s for any ad at all. However cost on ads on things that are of great of interest to Facebook users will generate lower CPC of average 45 cents, why does that are not of great interest to the mass population of Facebook will see the higher cost per click of average about $3.77. all you need to know is to bear in mind that one of the factors responsible for the cost of the varying ad is one the type of industry you are in. If the service you render is of much interest or not to Facebook users.

Facebook Ads Cost Calculator

This becomes easy once you know the average cost per click on your ads. It will then be easy for you to calculate. So once you are able to get your CPC then you can do some calculating to see what up and how much facebook is charging you for the kind of audience your ads campaign are receiving. However to calculate your monthly ads click, then you divide the amount you spend on the ads that month by your average CPC to get it. It’s as sim0le as that.

Facebook Ads Cost Per Click

Based on the kind of service you are rendering, the cost per click defers. Like for those in the Automotive industries have CPC of $2.24. like I have said these do vary depending on the industry and the relevance. As I said industries with the highest audience or with services that most people on facebook want to get lower cost per click. Just like in the Apparel industry with CPC of $0.45 because everybody loves cloths.

How to Create Facebook Ads

Now if you are wondering how to do that then it’s very easy. I have a detailed guide on how to create facebook ads which I will like you to see. So that you can follow the process to do that. Follow this link on Facebook Ads to know more about that and more. Also, check my post on Facebook ads size.


The fact remains that Facebook ads do not cost much. Not anyone and not when compared to the returns they will bring you. And now that these are working wonders for small and large businesses alike on the platform is therefore high time you venture into it. For all the benefits it contains. do forget about the cost and start today.

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