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During the launch of the Facebook ads manager app, Facebook announced that they have over 2 million advertisers running ads on its platform and that was last year. We can only think that the numbers would have increased by now. The fact that the world is going mobile means that more businesses, consumers and more are going mobile and the need to capture the mobile world becomes more important than ever. And that’s why we are looking at facebook ads manager app on today’s post. so that you can manage your ads campaign on the go.

Facebook Ads Manager App
Facebook Ads Manager App

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

For the benefit of new people lets first see what facebook ads manager is. It is a very powerful tool for creating, editing and managing your Facebook ads campaign so that your ads can accomplish the very purpose why they are made in the first place. This tool and the power editor tool were recently integrated into one very powerful tool that contains all you need to manage your ads. Check my post on Facebook Ads Manager to know more on it.

This tool is all you will need during setting up and managing your ads on the Facebook platform. Hence the reason for the mobile site and the app. The ads manager can even manage ads on other facebook owned platform such as Instagram and more.

Facebook Ads Manager App

This is the normal Facebook manager app we just talked about above which has been integrated for the mobile version. So that advertisers can run and manage ads and have the full power of the facebook ads manager on the go. This app is available on the android and ios platform for free and can be download and set up without stress.

Features of the manager app

Like the main manger tool for desktop, the manager tool for mobile can do whatever the desktop ads manager can do and we will talk some of the functions here for you to see so you can start using this app today on the go. Some of the functions include:

  • You can track ads performance with this tool.
  • Editing of existing ads is a piece of cake using this tool.
  • Can be used to edit ads budgets and schedules.
  • Also receives notifications.
  • Create ads and more.

As I told you before the app version contains the same power as the desktop version and even more benefits as you can do so on the go. Let’s see how t download this app.

Facebook Ads Manager App Download

This app is available for both android and ios and it’s easily downloaded provided you have access to your app store. Once that is avai8alable carry out the below procedure to download the app on your android and ios devices.

  • Firstly, open your app store for ios devices or your play store for android devices.
  • Now on your search bar type and search for “Facebook ads manager” and click on it when the result comes out.
  • Then for android tap on Install and Accept while for ios tap on Get and Install.

Once that is done the app will begin downloading on your device. And after installation, you will have the full power of the ads manager on the go on your device.


This is a very welcome development as facebook looking to increase the number or amount of advertisers running ads on its platforms. Also, it’s more beneficial for the advertisers to use this tool so that they can better manage their ads campaign anywhere they go. For better results and returns. All you have to do if you use ads is to download the app and you are gold.

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