Facebook Ads Manager – All About Ads Management

This post on facebook ads manager will teach you how to manage your Facebook ads. it will show you what a Facebook ad is, how to use it and so much more. So do stay tuned and make sure to read to the end of this post. Because this post parts a lot of ingredients on it. And also this post will help you if you are new to ads on Facebook. by the end of this post, you will know how to create your own ad. and how to use the manager to manage your ads on Facebook.

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What Is Facebook Ads?

Like normal ads, Facebook ads are ads that are run on Facebook. they are an advertisement on facebook which is created by individuals to bring profit to their businesses. Facebook ads can be found on news feeds and the right side of desktop facebook. anybody can create a Facebook ad, as far as the person knows have to. you shouldn’t be worried about your information being sold to the public if you create an ad because facebook protects your information. only those that you want to be shown on the add only visible.

Facebook Ads Manager

Just like a normal manager is, the Facebook ads manager helps to create ads, track ads delete ads and so on and so forth. It is basically as the name suggests a manager. The ads manager is a very powerful tool just for the purpose of ads.

Features Of Facebook Ads Manager

The Facebook ad manager is a very powerful tool and packs lots of features. some of which are listed below.

  • Creating tools for powerful Facebook ads campaign. You can use the Facebook ad manager to create brand new ad that would launch your business to the next level. And make you turn up profits
  • Managing existing ads. The ads manager makes it very easy to manage your already existing ads. by this I mean you have the ability to edit, reshape, add and remove things on your already existing ad
  • It also helps you to create the best ads, by walking you step by step through the processes of creating them.
  • The ad manager also gives you more information about how your ads are doing. If they are doing what they intended for, how well they are doing it also how to make them do well.

That will be all the features we are going to be listing on this post. you should know that there are tons more of other features or benefits of using it.

How To Create Ads Using Facebook Ads Manager

To create an ad using the ads manager, following process below. However, you will have to use a computer to create the ads.

  • Visit the ads manager page here.
  • Now fill in your details to log in.

Now using the Facebook ad manager there are two ways to create ads. Which are the Quick Creation method and the Guided Creation method. and we will talk about both of them in details.

Guided Creation Method

This method will take you in detailed steps to create ads on Facebook. The processes are listed below.

  • After visiting the above link, click on +create. Now switch to the guided workflow if you are automatically sent to the quick creation method. By clicking Switch to guided creation.
  • Now choose an objective from the list. Remember to choose an objective that best matches your business or ad you want to create.
  • Type campaign name.
  • At this point, you can either create a split test or a campaign budget optimization. So choose one and be done with the campaign.
  • Set an ad name
  • Select your audience
  • When you see ads placement, you can either choose Automatic placement or click on Edit placement to choose wherever you want your ads to be displayed.
  • On the optimization for ad delivery option, select how you want your ads to be delivered to the public or audience
  • Select a budget schedule which is how much you are willing to pay for the ads.
  • Now select a facebook page.
  • Choose any ads from the list
  • Select the media file you want to use for the ads. there are also options to create new, edit and orders.
  • Type in the text to be displayed in your ads
  • After doing that the ad is almost ready. the next step is to Preview and Confirm the ad.

Once that is done, the ad is live. But before you can confirm the ad you have to select a method of payment for the duration of the ad.

Quick Creation

The quick Creation method is the second method of creating a Facebook ad. as the name suggests it is a quick way. follow the below process to do so

  • visiting the ads manager link above and click on +create
  • However, if you do find yourself in the Guided creation method tap on Switch to quick creation.
  • Fill in your details into the campaign, ad set, and ad.
  • Now click on Save to draft.
  • It is time for the editing panel. You can choose to edit your campaign, ads set and ads the way you want it.
  • when done editing you can choose Publish to post the ad or close to save the ad as a draft and finally you can Preview and publish. Or you can choose to discard the draft.

How To Duplicate A Facebook Ad

To duplicate a Facebook ad is a very easy thing to do. Duplicating something is self-explanatory means making a double. So to duplicate a facebook ad follow the steps below.

  • Visit the facebook ad manager on your pc here
  • You can either select campaign, ad set or ads.
  • Now tick the boxes next to the one you want to duplicate
  • And click on Duplicate.when the new window appears and select the number of ads you would want to duplicate then click Duplicate again.


The Facebook ads manager is a must use as far as you run ads on Facebook. It is easier, better and a simpler way to manage your ads and make more money. So if you are looking to market your products or services on Facebook. The Facebook ads manager is a good place to start. therefore start using the Facebook manager today, and you’ll be glad you came across this post.

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