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These are advertising messages placed on the Facebook platform for business owners to reach their target audience. Or to get to the people that need exactly the kind of service they render. this will, in turn, lead to an increase in income, publicity, popularity and brand awareness and more on the Facebook platform and generally their online presence. and on today’s post will be talking about everything concerning Facebook ads. like how to set up a Facebook ad, types of Facebook ads and more on this post today.

Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads

What is a Facebook Ad?

Well for those of you who do not know what Facebook ads are, then you should be thankful you came across this post. Like I said in the Short introduction above Facebook ads are messages of advertisement business owners, service providers and more looking to get more customers, reach more target, gain popularity and publicity place on the Facebook platform to do so exactly. In other words, Facebook ads are advertisements on the Facebook platform. And luckily running ads on this platform has lots of benefits like increased awareness, increased visitors, increased publicity increased sales, popularity and more.

So if you’re a business owner whether small or big or you have any type of product or service you render, then it is a must to advertise on the Facebook platform as the benefits are limitless. Ads campaign created on this platform are designed to reach a specific target and hit a specific goal and can be monitored using the Facebook ads manager. Which in general terms manages everything concerning your ads.

How much do Facebook Ads Cost?

Well, this is the question. But the easy answer is that it depends on the kind of ad and budget you have. Basically, you are the one to determine how much you are willing to put in your ad campaign. so that your ads can be displayed to the audience or the target area you have chosen. you can set an amount you want to pay daily or the total duration of the time the ads will run. So do not panic Facebook ad is basically cheap and budget determined and friendly.

Where do Ads Appear on Facebook?

When ads are placed and targets are set and campaigns have been added the ads run, and you can find them in your target audience’s newsfeed or are the right column of their Facebook page. Whether they are using mobile or desktop the ads will appear there and can be seen by your target audience. It is now up to the ads to be captivating enough to catch the attention of your targets.

Types of Facebook Ads

There are different types of Facebook ads for a different way of advertising on the Facebook platform. These are designed in such a way to meet the different needs of advertisers on the platform. There are basically three major types or categories of Facebook ad in which all other ads are grouped into. We have the awareness ads which is to create publicity and awareness of your company its brand its products and services to the billions of people on the Facebook platform.  The consideration ads which enables you to get people to be thinking about your business how to purchase from your business or how to visit your website, in general, this type of ads get people to consider using your service. And finally, we have the conversion ads which encourages people to engage with your business. The different types of art ads to meet a specific type of audience and objective.

Facebook Ad Format

These are the particular way different individual types of ads under the types of ads mentioned above should look like. There are different kinds of ads format to choose from on the Facebook platform. This is so that your different individual kinds of ads can be placed and displayed appropriately on the platform.  There are several kinds of ad formats and they are listed below.

  • Video format
  • Gif format
  • Photo format
  • Carousel format
  • Slideshow format
  • Convert format and
  • Dynamic products format.

These are all the kinds or types of ad format we have on the Facebook platform. And these are dependent on the type of ads you want to place. Also, they all go with their different ad sizes and specification. Check my post on Facebook ads size to know more on that.

How to set up Facebook Ads

Whether you have been running ads campaign in the past or you want to start today. This guide will teach you how to create ads on the Facebook platform successfully.

  • Visit the Ads manager directly.
  • When the manager page is opened, click the green + Create button.
  • Now choose an objective for your campaign.
  • Next, you select an audience, this is the people you want viewing your ads. And then you select your budget.
  • Then it time to create your ad. You can follow the format of the Facebook ads size on my post.
  • Next is to choose where the ads would be displaced for people to see.
  • Once you are done then tap on Place order. To submit.

Once you have tapped on place order, your ads would be submitted to Facebook to review and then send you a notification when your ads are ready to go live.

Facebook boost post

This is a form of ad that is created from a post on your Facebook page. This ad is not meant for tuning on lots of profit or returns like a normal ad would. Instead, it is to boost a post you just made on your facebook page to get more likes, more shares to get more comments and more. Basically, it’s to promote a particular post. And not to bring profit and others.

To boost a post you will need your Facebook page, make the post and publish it. Then tap on the Boost post button under the post. Now select an audience, put a budget and choose a duration and finally set up a payment method and select Boost to be done.


There is awareness to be created, there is also a reputation to be built and finally money to be made. And all these can come from running facebook ads campaign. So if you have been trying to get the billions of people using Facebook to notice your business/brand and others then its time to try out Facebook advertising.

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