Facebook App Download For Pc – How To Download The Astoundingly Good Facebook App For Pc

Your favorite social media platform, in fact, the number one social media platform on earth as at now is Facebook. Though so many people use it on mobile and on pc, tablets, and other devices, not everybody uses the Facebook app download for pc. That is the direction this post will use come your way from today. So on this post, you will see how to download facebook for laptop, facebook download for pc free and more to come today. Therefore stay put and make sure you read everything.

Facebook App

The facebook app as is being used is only for mobile devices, for Andriod and the ios platforms exactly. The app is widely used all over the world by millions of Facebook users monthly. And has become one of the best ways to use the Facebook platform. So many users prefer using facebook on a mobile device than doing so on a computer, the reason being that it is far easier and less complicated amongst other reasons, 

Using Facebook app is very easy to sign in, sign out, like a post get notifications and more without trying to access your browser and login facebook. That’s why I have decided to show you the facebook app download for pc, if you love the facebook app so much you can decide to download that of the pc.

Facebook App Download For Pc

This app has been around for quite some time but not everyone knows that. But so many people have been using it to chat, post, in fact, everything that can be done on the normal Facebook app can be done also using the pc facebook. Once you have downloaded and installed the app then you start using it as your normal browser would. It’s almost as similar to when using it on a desktop browser like chrome or firefox

Free Facebook App Download for Pc

Getting this pc facebook app is totally free of charge and can be downloaded easily. We will see how to download it later on in this post. There are lots of trusted platforms to download this app from, just like the way the normal mobile app is free, that’s how this is free also. So it does not require any form of payment to download it from anywhere. 

Facebook is free to use, its app also is free to use there is no reason while this should be any different from that. The fact that its free is one of the reasons why it’s so widely used today and enjoyed by many people. Now let’s see some of the pros and cons of this app on pc.

Pros and Cons

Like with everything you will do in life there is always a good and a bad side to it. Even the main app has its upside and downside as well.


  1. Using this app for pc you get an excellent user experience just like the mobile app.
  2. Also, very responsive to controls if in case you use table devices.
  3. Get very important notifications and all status updates with this application.

There are other advantages but let’s stop there. To know more you should get the application and get first-hand knowledge of it.


  1. There are actually no new features here. So basically its the same facebook you will have.
  2. Also, the privacy account features need to be updated more than how it is.
  3. It can get very addictive to some people.
  4. Can only be used on windows 10.

Download Facebook for Laptop

Now it is finally time to see how to download this application. However, before we go ahead and jump in on how to download this app. Lets first of all talk about the fact that this application only works for windows 10 and very well on a tablet. So that being said let’s go ahead and see how to download it.

  1. Open your browser and head to Softonic.
  2. Tap on the Free download for windows button in the middle of the screen.
  3. On the next page tap on the Free download for windows again and this time you will be redirected to the Microsoft app store.
  4. Tap on Get and follow the instruction to download the app.

Once you have finished downloading the app then sign in and start enjoying your now facebook experience.

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