Facebook Avatar Maker Update – Facebook Avatar Creator | Facebook Avatar 2020

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The Facebook Avatar Maker update is a nice way to keep your avatar looking great. Besides any update added to the Facebook avatar is sure to make it more interesting. Though there are no updates to the feature as it is fairly new on the platform and users are still going crazy over their new online toy. Not that you can blame them as the Facebook avatar is super fun to use, so if you have not started on the fun you are clearly missing out. 

Facebook Avatar Maker Update

This feature allows you to create an Avatar which is a cartoon image in your likeness or even your imagination. Though it might be safe to say the feature is not yet available in every country it is a lot of fun. Once you start making these avatars you can use them as you choose within and outside the platform.

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Facebook Avatar Maker Update

Now you must know that there is no such thing as Facebook avatar maker but you peeps might call the feature that if you wish to. Since the feature allows you to make or create avatars to your liking. To be able to take part in this amazing feature all you have to do is download and install the app into your device and have an active user account. You can use the Facebook avatar to comment, send a private message, like a sticker, a profile picture, and much more.

How to Create a Facebook Avatar – Facebook Avatar Creation

Creating a Facebook avatar is very easy and it is also free except of course normal data charges. Here is how to create a Facebook avatar:

  • Open the main Facebook app on your device.
  • Login to your account and select the Menu icon.
  • From the options presented click on See more.
  • Click on Avatars to get started.
  • Click on the Next button and then on the Get started button.
  • Select the kin tone that you like and there are over twenty skin tones you can choose from.
  • Customize your Avatar like it’s eye color, eyebrow size and color, outfits, hairstyles, and much more.
  • After you are done customizing tap on the Checkmark icon at the top of the screen and once it has done loading tap on the Next button.
  • Now tap on Done to complete your avatar creation.

Once you are done creating your avatar tap on the share icon to share it with any of the options presented. You can also make it your profile pic by sharing it with your news feed.

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How to Edit Facebook Avatar – Facebook Avatar Feature

After creating your avatar and you decided you want to remove or add something know that you can edit your avatar. Here are the guidelines on how to edit your avatar.

  • Open a chat section and tap on the Smiley face icon. Note that there are other methods to do this such as the sticker.
  • Locate your avatar and tap on the Pencil icon, to start editing the avatar.
  • After you are done with the editing you can then tap on next and then on the Done button.

Also, note that you can be able to create multiple avatars on the platform. But above all that is the step to follow to edit your avatar.

How to Use a Facebook Avatar + Facebook Avatar Set Up

This might look funny to some people but some do really know how they can use their Facebook avatars. Facebook avatars were made to make chatting online more fun and simplified, so here are the steps to use your Facebook avatars.

  • Open a chat if you want to send it to your friend online.
  • On the chat tap on the Smiley icon.
  • Select the avatar you would like to send and tap on the Send button.

Once you have done that you have already started using your avatar. You can also use it as stickers, or as a reaction to a post on your news feed and so on. Also, remember that Facebook’s avatar is free to use.

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