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Do you want a bitmoji or a memoji that resembles you to use as your Facebook picture or a sticker on the Facebook platform, then the Facebook Avatar is what you need. The Facebook Avatar is the latest of the latest feature that just launched last week and has been added to the Facebook platform to give you more liveliness on Facebook. You must have been seeing so different kinds of funny looking avatars on the Facebook platform. This is because so many of your friends are using it. That is why this article is coming your way today to show you all you need to know about this feature and how to make use of it on your own. 

Facebook Avatar
Facebook Avatar

Facebook Avatar

Whether you are a fan of cartoons or not you will love the Facebook Avatar this is because they are fun to use on your Facebook application. When chatting or using them as your profile or emoji whichever you want. Facebook avatars are cartoon figures of yourself that can be created from any Avatar platform to use on Facebook, Instagram Snapchat, and other social media platforms. Where they might one day replace the need to use regular pictures on your profile on social media. 

This feature is a big hit right now as so many people have started creating different kinds of avatars for themselves and using it on social media. 

This feature can also be used in comment or messenger stories and other places on Facebook and other social media platform. So I guess this feature is going to make expressing your feelings for them in an advanced way on social media. Maybe who knows one day it may replace the regular emoji we have been used to.

Make Avatar on Facebook

This Facebook Avatar feature is a trending feature on the Facebook platform as of now. Many of the Facebook users are searching for a way to create different kinds of emoji on Facebook. And the good news is Facebook has made it very easy for anyone trying to create an avatar. This is because using the latest FB application you can do so without having to use a third-party. 

Make a Facebook Avatar

Once you have updated your application you will have access to the Facebook avatar creator feature which will help you in creating all the avatars you want. All you have to do is just to go and update your Facebook application and your messenger also so you can use it in both places. 

Facebook Avatar Emoji

If you did not use Facebook at all this might be the time you would want to download Facebook application in the absence of physical meeting, Let us make our social meeting more pleasurable than ever before. 

Facebook Avatar Setup

Since the launch of this feature, there have been different kinds of apps available on both Android and iOS platforms for the creation of this emoji. We have the bitmoji app we have the Avatar maker apps a lot more applications for you to use to create any kind of Avatar emoji you want. 

These apps are all good and can all be used in creating an emoji easily for your use on both Android and iOS platforms. However, as you have seen above the Facebook application also features an avatar maker that can help you in creating your own Facebook emoji without having to download a third-party application. 

How to Make an Avatar for Facebook

If you want an avatar or a cartoon feature that looks like you on the Facebook platform then you going to have to learn how to make one for yourself. Below is a detailed step that will take you through the whole process of making one for yourself.

All you have to do is follow the steps correctly and you will be done within minutes. 

  • Open your app store or play store type and search for Facebook.
  • Tap on update to update your Facebook application if you have not done that before.
  • Open the Facebook application you have updated.
  • When the Facebook application is opened, tap on the three vertical lines at the top or bottom part of the screen. This is depending on if you using iOS or Andriod.
  • Now scroll down and tap on see more.
  • And viola you will see the way hidden feature called the Facebook Avatar. So do the harness and tap on it.
  • Then on the screen that will enable you to create your Avatar. all you have to do is to properly create your Avatar to make sure if it’s you exactly. 
  • When you are done creating happened to check Mark at the top right side of the screen.
  • Finally, tap on next and tap on done.
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Once that is done you will see a message congratulate you that now we can use your Avatar. After successfully creating your Avatar you can use it whenever we want even on your profile picture and on Facebook messenger also. 

Note that the Facebook Avatar feature is a new feature like I have mentioned above. This means that it is not yet available for all users. So peradventure you have tapped on your menu and couldn’t find the Avatar feature you will have to wait and come back later to use it. Because it is not yet available on your account.

How to access Facebook Avatar

Once this feature is available to you you can access it any time you want to leave a comment on both Facebook add messenger. 

So if you have created an avatar on Facebook before or you want to create one you can simply tap on the new emoji icon when you want to make a comment on Facebook or chat on messenger. Tapping on the sticker button will take you directly to make a new sticker or use the previous one you have made. 


Facebook has really gone the extra mile in bringing the bitmoji feature of Snapchat closer to Facebook users in the form of the Facebook Avatar. Since the launched some days ago it has been an instant hit and so many Facebook users have been using and bragging about it. Now you have seen how to make one and also use it to chat or upload anyone on your profile on Facebook. Why the world is in shock and in lockdown it is important for us to make use of all the necessary tools to express our emotions during this.

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