How to Block Facebook Friend Immediately and Easily

Hello guys and welcome back to my blog again this morning we find ourselves in a bit of a conundrum. The topic before all this morning is one that has always been kind of bad and good on the Facebook platform. It suffices to say that Facebook is a place where you can be anything but, don’t make others feel uncomfortable. And that is the very same reason why Facebook block friend was put in place. All social media have this block feature, yeah anyone can block anyone that is a friend or followers on the platform. Today you going to know all about Facebook Block Friend, and more on this post today.

Facebook Block Friend

The Facebook block friend is a feature, put in place by Facebook a user can decide to stop a friend on Facebook from viewing their profile, tagging them seeing their updates, any form of conversation with them even from adding them as a friend. So basically Facebook block friend is permanently taking a break from a friend forever. Anyone you block is blocked and therefore cannot interact with you anymore on the Facebook platform. This is put in place as a measure, to protect oneself from people who they do not want to be friends with anymore but keep on persisting to become friends and continue conversating.

There are so many reasons why anyone would want to block anybody on Facebook. Though you should do this as a last resort. To be sure to first consider other options before finally blocking someone. In case you need that person in the future and you are not close to each other or have a person’s contact. So careful consideration should be taken by a Facebook user before blocking any of their Facebook friends. Other methods of taking a break from someone would also be discussed on this post if you need to. Let’s see how to block someone on Facebook.

  • Log in your Facebook account on your desktop or mobile app.
  • Now tap on Settings and privacy.
  • Then click on Blocking.
  • Finally, type the name of the person you want to block and hit the Block button.

The person would be blocked instantly, and all the effects of blocking will take place. The person won’t be able to view or interact with you on the Facebook platform.

How to Block Someone on Facebook App

The facebook app has grown so much and has almost all the functions if not all as the desktop facebook. actually more people make use of the facebook app than the desktop. So if you would want to know how to block someone on facebook app I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to know. Because you must probably use facebook on the mobile app.

thee are three kinds of facebook apps, which you might probably know about. We have the Facebook mobile app, the messenger app, and the facebook lite. the mobile and the lite apps ae the same thing just that te lite app is a more streamlined one for less data consumption. while the messenger is just the messaging platform of Facebook. now follow the below process to facebook block someone using the mobile app.

  • Open your mobile app and log in if not already logged in.
  • Now tap on the Three horizontal lines which is the menu button.
  • Next, you tap on Setting and privacy.
  • And then tap on Settings.
  • Then scroll down to where you see Privacy and tap on Blocking.
  • After that tap on Add to blocklist and type the person’s name to search for it.
  • When the results come out tap on the person’s name. then tap on Block and they select Block again.

wasnt it easy to do and without stress. However the process is a little bit long but it’s easy, just be sure to follow it correctly.

When you Block Someone on Facebook what do They See?

Now we have a question before us. one might be skeptical about this if the person has not been blocked before. But talking from experience if you use facebook a lot you must have some experience with blocking. But we all know that if someone is denied access to something what does the person see? NOTHING.

If you block facebook block friend, what the person sees if the person has chatted with you before is a message that it will describe that the person cannot chat with you anymore. Once the person is blocked he can’t search for you on facebook, neither can he tag you in any post. what this means is that you are basically not in the same world anymore with the person. As there is no way the person can see you on facebook again. Well apart from the chat history, if the person has chatted with you before, but cannot continue chatting with you. This can also be described as permanently taking a break from the person.

How do you Permanently Block Someone on Facebook?

All the processes described in this post on how to facebook block friends are all permanent. Because blocking anybody on facebook is a permanent thing, well as long you have decided to unblock the person. So if you have decided to block someone and never and forget about it, then there is no way the block can be lifted Because it’s permanent.

The person, however, does, not have the power neither the way to unblock themselves anyway. that is because they do not control your account. Only you and you only can decide to unblock the person. And if you do not then the block is permanent. You can decide to access the Facebook block list however to unblock the person anytime you like. So if you do not want this option you can decide to take a break from the person. Which is actually a feature instead of blocking them which you can forget you blocked them.

Blocking someone on facebook messenger

Blocking some on messenger is not the same thing as blocking them on facebook. Because blocking them on messenger does not blocks them from the Facebook platform also. Well, even if the person is not on facebook. because the facebook messenger can be used even without a Facebook account.

Facebook Messenger is the messaging center, or simply put, its the place where facebook chat takes place. now this previously integrated together with the facebook app but has been split for some time now. and it is constantly evolving. You do not need to access the mobile app first before you can block someone. you can just do it from the messenger directly. let how Blocking someone on facebook messenger is done.

  • Open your messenger app and then tap on the person you want to block.
  • you can either scroll down and tap on the chat you have had with them before or, check if the person is online and tap on the person, or you tap the search box and search out the persons by name.
  • After taping on the person, and oping a chat with the person, tap on the person’s name.
  • scroll on to where you see “Block” and tap on Block.
  • then tap on Next to block the person on iPad and iPhone.
  • On Andriod tap on Block. after taping the person’s name.
  • Now tap on the Circular Icon next to “Block on messenger” to block on messenger. And you can also tap on the circular icon next to “Block on Facebook” to block then on facebook too.

this means you can also facebook block friend too directly from the messenger. As you have seen above easily and without stress.

What Happens When you Block Someone on Facebook Messenger

What happens is normal and depends on if you block the person on facebook only or messenger only. Or if you block them on both messenger and facebook. what happens is the same blocking process.

If you have decided to block the person only on messenger then the person can’t see you on the friend’s list or online on messenger anymore. And, therefore, cannot chat with you with messenger, but can see you on facebook, like your pots tag you and more on facebook. however, if you block someone on facebook on mesenger then the person cannot see you on both nor interact with you in any way.

Making blocking permanent until you ave decided to unblock the person. and then te person will e able to see you online and then interact with you again. without which no interaction.

If I block someone on Facebook Can I Still See Them

Yes, it’s very possible, though there is no ay you an see the person directly, but you can still see the activities of the person on facebook. you can also see the message history of them on messenger and you can decide to delete that. there are other places you might also encounter the person like in when any of you fines tags the person, uploads a phone of them.

You might also encounter them on facebook groups if you guys are members of the same groups. though you ant invite the person and they cant invite you too. Also, you can both be in the same event both can’t interact or can you invite each other to any event.

Finally while playing facebook games, you can e someone you block. Facebook block friend does not apply to facebook block. so you might them while gaming on facebook. So it’s very possible to encounter who you have blocked.

If I block someone on Facebook Can They See me Through Mutual Friends

if I block someone on facebook can they see me through mutual friends? ye they can, it’s also very possible that they can see you through mutual friends. because blocking them does not block them from your mutual friend list. so it’s possible you can see them. especially if they tag any of your mutual friends in a post or with the photo you can very well see them.

But the blocking effects still holds as the person cannot see you nor interact with you. But because they tagged your mutual freind you can see the post they made.

Facebook Block List

If you are worried about blocking someone because you might want to unblock the on Facebook. Then the Facebook block list is your best bet. This list is quite helpful when the time comes you are no longer keen on blocking anyone anymore. Maybe you decide to block someone for a period of time and then unblock the person. This list can also be helpful for that. However, it is therefore important to note that the block list can be accessed at any time from your account on Facebook. Suffice to say you are free to use this when you think you made a mistake. To access the Facebook block list carry out the procedure below.

  • Log in your Facebook account.
  • On mobile tap on the Menu icon and select Settings. Now select Account settings.
  • When the account setting page is opened, tap on Blocking which is close to the bottom.
  • You will find the names of the people you have blocked below the “Blocked Users” heading in the middle of the page. You can review it from there.

Facebook Block Friend from Seeing Posts

If you do decide to restrict someone from seeing your Facebook post, instead of blocking them that is good. However, you cannot block them from seeing your Facebook post unless you use the Facebook block feature. Which has been explained above, which blocks the person entirely. You can use this method to stop someone from seeing the post you make instead of blocking the person. Incase blocking can be avoided then this method should be used. if you have decided to block a friend from seeing your post by hiding your post from them do the following.

  • Log in your account on a desktop computer.
  • Then tap on the Status box to write a post, and click the Friend button.
  • And hit on More options.
  • When the more options are revealed, click on Custom.
  • Now, on the “don’t share this with” section, click on the box next to it and type in the name of who you don’t want to see your post. As you type when the person’s name shows tap on it to confirm.
  • Finally, tap on save changes. And you are done.

You can add as many names as you like to the list people you do not want to view your updates. Or you can decide to make use of the other feature which is “Share this with” section for only those you want to share your post with.

Facebook Unfriend

You can also make use of this feature instead of blocking the person. I actually do not block people that much, what I do is Just to unfriend the person. Because when you have unfriend the person you can still chat with the person and see some of the activities to some extent. Unless it is absolutely necessary then you can go ahead to block the person. However a simple unfriending will do. Let’s see how to unfriend someone on the Facebook platform. To do Facebook unfriending follow the procedure below.

  • Log in your Facebook account.
  • Now visit the person’s timeline and click on the friend’s button.
  • On the new menu that we open click on unfriend

Try Taking A Break

If you do not want to block someone then you can try taking a long break from the person. and then when you clear your mind o when your qualms are settled you can have the person as your friend again.

What this means is that you limit the way you see the person, the places you see the person and more. when you decide to take a break from them. you can also decide to limit the person’s ability to see your posts.

Taking a beak adds the person to a restricted list that will get less or none of your update when you make them. which is actually kinda close to facebook block a friend.

How do I take a break from someone on facebook

Doing this is very easy and can be done using a mobile device or on a desktop. to do that follow the process below.

  • All you do is visit this Link.
  • Then when the page loads type in the name of the person you want to take a break from.

If you decide you have taken enough breake and you want to be back with the person, then head to the left column of your Facebook tab. Now tap on “Explore’ and then click See more, then click on “Friends Lists” then at the bottom of the list you will see the restricted list. then you can remove whoever you want from the list.


That’s about all we can take on this post today. so if you are keen on blocking anyone you have seen how too so. or you simply hide your post from them or unfriend them if it’s not enough.

am loyal smart and humble.