The Best Way To Quickly Access Facebook Block List With Easy

If you have ever blocked someone on facebook before you might be wondering if there is a place to see facebook block list. Well,   am happy to tell you that there is. And In this post, we will talk about it and more about blocking on the Facebook platform today. On this post, we are also going to look at facebook blocked me, who blocked me on facebook app, even how to block someone on the facebook platform on this post today. So mack sure you hang around till the end of this post.

Facebook Block List

Everyone has their own blocklist which is comprised of the people you have blocked on facebook. Once anyone is blocked by you, they go away but their names and contact still remaining on your Facebook block lists. And the reason for this is simple, there might come a time when you might want to unblock the person. And the only way to do that is to access the block list.

That’s why this feature is very necessary if you have ever blocked someone because without this you can’t unblock anybody. To unblock someone you will have to know how to access the blocklist in order to do so, don’t panic I will show you how in a moment. If you have not accessed this list before you might think it is difficult but it is actually easy to do. It can be done from the facebook app and the facebook desktop very easily. Now let’s see how to access this list.

How to Check Facebook Block List

Here we are going to look at how to check your facebook block list of friends easily and without stress. So that you can have a grip on that should in case you need it in the future. The steps to check these lists are listed below.

On mobile – Facebook block list mobile

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your mobile device.
  2. Then tap on the Three horizontal lines which are the Menu button. Either at the top right or the bottom left of the screen.
  3. Now scroll down and tap on Settings. And tap on Account settings.
  4. Tap on Blocking.

Once you have tapped on blocking you will see a list of all the blocked users, that you have Unblocked. Now tap on unblock to set any of them free if you want.

On Desktop

  1. Head to Facebook and log in to your account.
  2. Now tap on the Downward-facing arrow at the top right of the screen.
  3. And click on Settings.
  4. Tap on Blocking at the upper left side. 

Now you can review the users you have blocked and from there unblock them or you can simply block more people from there.

Facebook Block List Remove

The blocklist is there for a reason, and should not be mistaken for a regular list. This is very different. And there is no way for you to remove the list but there is a compromise. If you would want you to facebook block lists gone, then the only way is to completely unblock everyone from your account.this will make te list go aways or be removed.

Doing so is easy to just follow the procedure above on how to check the list. And when you get and when you get to the list tap on unblock for all the users under the blocked users to set them free. And the list will be removed from your Facebook account. You should note that whenever you have unblocked a friend you are no more friends on facebook so you can decide to re-add them back.

Who Blocked Me On Facebook App

While there is no direct way to see who has blocked you, there are other ways to do that. And I will show them to you briefly on this post. So that you can make use of it to check for yourself and be sure.

Check your mutual friends list – This is one of the few ways to check how to get or check who has blocked you. But to use this method you will have to compare and contracts with your friends that have similar mutual friends on.

Use search results – This way is easy but you will have to know all your friends to know which of them that blocked you. So that when you search for the person and the person only shows up then it’s clear they have blocked you.

Check messenger – This is the best way to know if the person has blocked you. Ho ever you can be blocked on only and not on messenger. If you can see the person on messenger an cant see them on facebook means you have been blocked.

Facebook blocked me

It’s very possible for facebook to block its users, and this can be due to the fact that you have violated a rule. Facebook blocks are very common more than you thing for many reasons. From people opening fake accounts and other users spamming facebook and more. If you have been blocke it must be because you have done something that goes against facebook community stands. What you have to do is to check out the Facebook community standards.

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