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The Facebook platform is not only a place where you go to socialize, comment, like people’s profile pictures, join groups, chat and other social media stuff. It is also a place with a very large marketplace and other places where people can do Facebook buy and sell. That means the Facebook platform is a combination of a social media and shopping platform. Which is one-of-a-kind we have never seen before. This post is simple, it will tell you what Facebook buy and sell is, how to get on the process of buying and selling on this platform and many more.

Facebook Buy and Sell
Facebook Buy and Sell

Facebook Buy and Sell

There are different ways in which you can buy and sell on the Facebook platform. Like I mentioned Facebook is no longer only for socialization these days. Firstly you have the Facebook marketplace, enables you to buy and sell items locally in your area and getting listings. I do have the Facebook buy and sell groups which are exactly for the purpose of buying and selling. Also, you can share your problem via Facebook ads ordering FB advertising, to showcase your product and get customers from there. You can also upload your pull up on your Facebook timeline for others to see and much more.

However, for this post, our main focus will be on the buy and sell groups. Because that is what those groups are called on this platform. So if you’re interested in doing that with groups then keep already as I talk about them next on this post.

Trade on Facebook

Trading is also described as buying and selling. Effectively done with the use of some of these groups specialized for doing so on platform. however, the only Facebook buy and sell app we have is a marketplace. Which is the main Facebook buy and sell feature which is mainly for the purpose of trading. Facebook buy and sell is also Facebook trading so do not confuse yourself as they are the same thing.

Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

These are Facebook groups that are created for the purpose of buying and selling trading and more. Actually, everything about buying, selling and trading are the only talked about in these kinds of groups. There are many buying and selling groups on Facebook. Where sellers meet with buyers, buyers meet sellers and other interested parties, interested in buying, selling and trading. Facebook buy and sell abbreviations are not quite different that.

These groups are not difficult to find and can be found just by doing a simple Facebook search which we will talk to later. Anyone looking to buy or sell could create their own group just for that purpose to showcase their item for possible buyers/sellers. Don’t you worry this group is easy to create.

Facebook Buy and Sell Pages

These are also similar to the groups. Facebook buy and sell pages are pages where you can find products to buy or to sell. They are all over the Facebook platform and anyone can create one for the purpose of buying or selling. However, some groups also have their pages in the form of Facebook buy and sell group pages. Which is to showcase the group where the trading is done. These days it is necessary for a page to have a group or a group to have a page for more people to notice and join.

Facebook Buy and Sell Cars

Find different kinds of cars vehicles and more to buy on these groups or pages, and enjoy cheap products and high-quality from this group also. That you can Easily buy using any of the buys and sell groups for cars. But if you wondering where to get cars to buy then you might want to take a look at some Facebook groups that deals on cars. You can also take a look at the Facebook marketplace cars section for car purchasing and trading.

How to Find Facebook Trading Groups

Finding these groups are easy, in fact, finding them is the easiest process in doing this. To find this group do the bellow procedure.

  • Log in your Facebook account and tap on the Search box.
  • Now type in “Buy or sell” follow by what you want to buy or sell, or simply leave it as buy and sell. Then tap on the Search icon.
  • Once the result is out, you can simply switch the search results to groups or pages depending on the one you want.
  • Then scroll down and start tapping on Join to join any of group you like or page.

That’s all, you should know some of these groups are closed groups which will take a while before your request is approved. Some of these groups can sell anything from cars to laptops, to cellphones anything at all. You can also use this method to find the best selling groups on Facebook.

How to sell in Facebook groups

Selling in one of these groups is easy to do. Just follow the procedure I have laid down below to do so.

  • Tap on Groups from your news feed.
  • And select any buy and sell group you want to sell on.
  • Now click on What you are selling.
  • Then fill in all the details about what you want to sell and click on Next.
  • Select the audience you want to sell to.
  • Finally, click on Post.

Clicking on Post will make the item you want to sell go live and be visible for all the members in the group and potential buyers. Then any potential buyer could just show interest by maybe messaging you or commenting.


This way you can buy and sell anything you want on the Facebook platform. As I said earlier Facebook is not only a social media platform these days. So you can now fence or market all things marketable on this platform.

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