Facebook Cover Photo Size – What Is Facebook Cover Photo Size | Facebook Page Cover Photo Size

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You don’t just wake up and decide to upload a cover photo. The issue of the Facebook cover photo size is not a recent issue it has been around since the dawn of the Facebook cover photo. We all know that Facebook cover photos are not Facebook profile photos and are different from normal Facebook photos. These photos have their own importance on your profile. and that is why this post will teach you all you need to know about the Facebook cover photo size, how to construct or create one among other things on the guide today so be sure to stay tuned.

Facebook cover photos Size

A Facebook cover photo is that large photo that is above your profile photo on your Facebook timeline. However, there are different types of Facebook cover photos and for a different purpose. We have a business page cover photo, a Facebook group cover photo, and a personal cover photo. these all have their own sizes and dimensions released by Facebook for all cover photos. And that is where we are going to dwell on this post today. So without any waste let’s go ahead and jump in.

What is Facebook Cover Photo Size

If you are confused about this then I am going to clear the air for you. When we talk about the latest cover pictures size and photo side we are basically talking about the same thing. Which are the specifications for the facebook cover pictures as we know it? Below you will find the specs necessary for the latest cover photos. So that you can follow an use them when creating your cover photos.

Facebook Cover Photo size 2019

The Facebook cover photos and dimensions are stated as follows according to Facebook.

  • For page, a profile picture your display should be at 170 by 170 pixels on your pages on the computer. And also 128 by 128 pixels for smartphones and then 36 by 36 pixels on the featured phone.
  • For your Page’s cover photo the dimensions of the display should be an 820 × 312pixels for the computer. While 640×360 pixels in dimensions for smartphones and tabs. Or they must be at least 400 pixels in width and 150 pixels tall.
  • Also, common images should be sRGB or jpg file with a pixel of 851×315 pixels and less than 100 kilobytes. You can also try png file with logos and texts these are the best recommended.

These are the dimensions for the Facebook cover photos for Facebook desktop and Facebook cover photo size for mobile as described by Facebook. Also, they say you should keep in mind that these photos might be a crop in circular form when on ads and post, and they will remain in square shape when people visit your page.

Clues on how to Make A Facebook Cover Photo

Now to create a Facebook cover photo is very easy. especially now that you have the dimensions necessary to create the cover. There are plenty of tools like Photoshop, snipper, and others that can be download and used to create as much cover photos as you like. so with these sizes and dimensions, you can now start to create cover photos for your profile, groups, pages, etc. Once you have finished creating your Facebook cover photos the next procedure will teach you how to use a Facebook cover photo.

How to use a Facebook Cover Photo

Using a Facebook cover photo is easy and involves only a few steps to do. The procedure below describes exactly how to do that.

  • Log into your Facebook account.
  • Not tap on your Name which is at the top left corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the Camera icon at the top left corner of your profile photo, and click on Update cover photo.
  • But if you currently do not have any cover photo click on Add cover photo.
  • Now click on Upload photo. This will open a window showing you all the photos in your computer select one. NOTE that you can decide to create a College or select Artwork.
  • After selecting a photo adjusted by dragging it up or down and left or right.
  • And click on Save changes.


After clicking on Save changes the picture will be updated as your new cover photo. It is as easy as that to use cover photos on your Facebook profile.

Cover Photos on Desktop vs. Mobile

It is important to know how facebook therefore considers or shows cover pictures on a desktop and how it affects that on a mobile device. So as to properly design a cover photo that will match both on mobile and on desktop. the good news is that facebook does no stretch put or distort cover photos when displaying them on the desktop or on mobile. What they do is that they rather crop out some of the outer sides to show the photo properly for you. And so if you have adhered strictly to the dimensions for the photo then you probably won’t have anything to worry about.


Your Facebook profile will not be complete without adding a cover photo. Everyone has a cover photo these days. Moreover, cover photos are not only for personal use. As I have mentioned above they are also used in business pages, groups and personal and so on. a good cover photo can increase your business page and group members. I, therefore, adjoin you to create an appropriate cover photo today and thank me later.

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