Facebook Dark Mode – How To Turn On The Innovative Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

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The social media giants known as facebook has recently announced that they are going dark if you know what I mean. What I mean is that Facebook has announced they would be rolling out the Facebook dark mode pretty soon on their platform. Now dark mode has become the new thing as it was first integrated for the ios platform. Since then so many other apps and os and more have been adopting it. So basically it is safe to say this feature is very welcomed.

So on this post, I am only hoping to do justice to the fact about Facebook dark mode and all you need to know about it easily. We would also know more about the facebook messenger dark mode and more today.

Facebook dark mode

The truth of the matter is that the facebook dark mode is now available but not the way you think it is. Since the announcement of the facebook dark mode, it has been coming around slowly and only the facebook messenger has it. This is the only problem we have on this dark mode of a thing though it is widely used among the messenger users. 

That been said, however, there are other ways of getting dark mode on your phone. Some methods will actually require you to download other third-party facebook app. Which i do not recommend. But there is a workaround for ios users with the main Facebook app. And we are going to see how to do that on this post in a bit. 

Facebook Messenger dark mode

Now the only official way to use the facebook dark mode is through the facebook messenger. And this is because it has only been released for facebook messenger as of now while we wait for it on the Facebook desktop and on the app. With no indication of when it will arrive for the main app, we are presently enjoying this feature in messenger. Because this feature has been around now for quite a while now and most of us have been enjoying it very well. Let us see how to get it on the messenger app.

How to turn on Facebook Messenger dark mode

Enabling or turning on this feature is easy, but first, in case you are still using the old version you have to update it. Now let see how to do all that so you can start using this feature and enjoying it.

  1. Visit your app store or play store.
  2. Now tap on and search for the “Messenger.”
  3. Tap on it when the result is out, now for Andriod tap on Install and Accept, while for ios tap on Get and Install.
  4. If you already have it installed just skip step 3 and tap on Update.
  5. Now, wait for the app to be installed. after the installing log in your account if you haven’t. 
  6. But if you updated just simply wait to update and open the app.
  7. Now open the app and tap on your profile picture which is at the top left side.
  8. Finally, tap on the toggle button at the right side of the dark mode to toggle it on.

That’s all, tapping the button will toggle on dark mode and you will be switched over to it, and you can now enjoy it.

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How to get Dark Mode on iPhone

Getting dark mode on the iPhone is pretty easy with their latest updates. This is due to the reason I have mentioned to you before in this post. The fact that ios now has a dark mode feature that dims out the light and intensity of the screen. This can also be utilized on the facebook app to get it. Let us see briefly how to make dark mode work on the facebook app on ios. 

  1. On your ios device launch the Settings.
  2. And tap on Accessibility, now tap on Display and Brightness.
  3. Select the Radio button under dark.
  4. Fillay toggle the dark mode on.

Once that is done you have successfully turned on dark mode for your device, which will also affect your facebook app and other apps as well.

Facebook dark mode Pc

To get the dark mode on pc is easy all you need to do is to get any of the browser Extention like night eye. Download it and install and you will be able to go dark on your pc browser and on facebook. There are lots of them but this night’s eye is the one I recommend for you to use.


with the incse in activities and hours in which we look out ou screen. It has now become very important and relevant to protect our eyes. There are lots of dangers in looking at a screen for long hours and tis feature is a step in the wig direction to tackle the problems that comes with it.

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