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Two years ago Facebook embarked on the launching and the release of the Facebook dating apps which is free for all Facebook users. And by today I know most of you know that the Facebook dating app is free and many of us love it and have been using it right from time. Dating is not a new thing but the introduction of the Facebook dating app for free is what we are here to talk about today.

Facebook dating app for free
Facebook dating app for free

So if you want to know how to use this app for free then this post is for you.

Facebook dating service 

The Facebook dating service is also called the dating feature which Facebook released in an attempt to change the status of the over 200 million singles at that time. This is the feature wish you opt-in so that you can date on the Facebook platform. officially that is.

So if you want to officially date on Facebook then you have to make use of the dating service for that purpose. However, you have to have the Facebook app installed on your device before you can think to use this feature. Also, only Facebook users will have access to use Facebook dating as it is used together with the Facebook app.

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Facebook dating 

 Before the dawn of the Facebook dating service, I can tell you without a doubt that dating has been going on on Facebook. Many people have been using the traditional ways on Facebook to find dates and loved ones for themselves. Before the dating service was made available. Some of the ways in which many people have been finding dates include Facebook dating groups, dating sites, dating pages, and other Facebook dating apps. This has been the traditional way to find love on Facebook.

Facebook dating app for free

The Facebook dating app is free as long as it is available in your region. Since the introduction of the Facebook dating feature, it has been slowly rolling out for more locations. Because at first, it was only available for a handful of countries until now. Even till now it is not yet available in Europe but it is expected to be before the end of 2020. and it was only recently made available in the United States at the end of last year.

Now what we referred to as the Facebook dating app is the Facebook dating feature present in the Facebook application itself. This is what is referred to as the Facebook dating app for free. Once this feature is available in your location it can be accessed freely. We will see how to access it later on in this post.

Facebook dating app download free

Facebook dating app can be accessed for free is what this heading is talking about. It doesn’t mean that you have to download a separate app for Facebook dating. What it is telling you is that downloading the Facebook application is downloading the Facebook dating app, you know once you have the Facebook application installed on your phone then you can have access to dating if available in your location for free. In light of that, I would rather you head over to your app store and update your Facebook application.

How to access Facebook dating

Accessing Facebook dating is as easy as It Gets because all you have to do is to check your news feed for a notification telling you dating is available. Responding to the notification saying dating is available will opt you into dating.

The final way is to check your profile for a heart icon. If you find this heart icon it means dating is now available in your location. What you do next is to tap on it to opt-in to dating. T

The bottom line of assessing Facebook dating is the fact that it must be available in your location. Because aside from the fact that it is available in your location there is no way you can access dating except you change location.

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