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Facebook is not only the social media people go-to for uploading pictures, liking photos interacting with friends and all that. It has not become one of the best places many people visit to find dates for themselves. Since the launch of Facebook dating, its been slowly going on Facebook dating has been one of the fans Favourite Things on the Facebook platform. And so if you’re a Facebook user you need to know about the Facebook dating app download free. This means that the Facebook dating app is free and can be accessed if it is available for your location.

Facebook Dating App Download Free
Facebook Dating App Download Free

Facebook dating app download free

The Facebook dating app is free to use for all uses, that is Facebook users that have dating available in their region. Since the release of Facebook dating as I mentioned on in the introduction, The Facebook dating feature is slowly rolling out to various regions or locations.

Facebook dating free app

It was only recently rolled out for the United States last year after being first available for so many countries before coming to the United States. Now by the end of this year, it is expected to be rolled out for Europe and more countries.

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If Facebook dating is not yet available in your location you have to make use of other forms of dating on Facebook while you patiently wait for it. There are other forms of dating on the Facebook platforms like Facebook dating groups, Facebook dating apps. any of these ways can be used to find date unofficially on Facebook.

Facebook dating service

Now the Facebook dating service is made available by Facebook to its users to find dates. Before the release of this feature, there were more than 200 million singles on Facebook. So in a desperate attempt to change their relationship status this feature was launched and released.

Facebook is now one of the places many people go for dating. If you want to make use of the service you must be in a region where dating has rolled out for that is the only way you can use Facebook dating. This means if dating has not rolled out in your region you can’t access dating.

Once you now have access to date when it is available in your location, you can set up your dating profile and then begin your dating expenditure.

How to access the Facebook dating app

Now for you to able to access Facebook dating and use it, the first criteria must be met. This criterion is that dating must have been rolled out in your location. Once dating has been rolled out for your location then you can access it.

Now if you don’t know if dating is available in your location, head to your profile and then look for a heart icon at the top right side of it. If you find the heart icon that means dating is available then tap on it to opt-in dating.

On the other hand, if you see a notification on the top of your newsfeed telling you dating is now available you can tap on ok to accept it. This will opt you into dating. Anything other than this dating is not available in your location and you can’t use it.


There is no denying the fact that Facebook dating is now the main thing on Facebook. This is also the first place people look to for dating. so if you want to date then turn to Facebook dating that’s if dating is available in your location.

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