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Facebook dating is not a new thing almost all Facebook users know about Facebook dating by now. Even before the release of the official Facebook dating app dating has been going on with Facebook. But the dating feature on Facebook just simple takes dating to the next level. And so today we will quickly consider the Facebook Dating Apps Download. 

Facebook Dating Apps Download

When you see Facebook Dating Apps Download doesn’t mean that Facebook dating is a separate app. The Facebook dating feature is a feature that is present in the Facebook app itself where you can find dates. As the name suggests it is the dating aspect of Facebook.

Though dating has been going on with Facebook, it has not been officially made known until now. Confidently if you looking to date then this feature is for you. This feature seems like another Facebook inside Facebook but just for dating. Let me quickly show you how to access Facebook dating.

How to access facebook dating

Before you would be able to use this feature, firstly it has to be available in your region. In fact, it was just made available for the USA just last year, and many other countries are still waiting for it. There is no denying the fact that it is slowly rolling out. I am not going to list out the countries facebook dating is available in, but what I will do is to show you how to know its available in your region.

To access the dating feature firstly you have to make sure you are using the latest version of the Facebook app. To update your app visit your app store search for Facebook and tap on updates if you have not done that. 

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Once your app is updated the next thing is that you have to opt-in dating if it’s available. To know if it’s available, tap on your profile and then check the right side for a heart icon. If you see the heart icon that means dating is available. Tapping on the heart icon will opt you into dating. Another way to know if dating is available is to check the top of your news feed for a notification telling you dating is available, tap on ok and you are in.

Once you are in then it’s a matter of creating your profile and start getting matched. Let’s look at other ways to date on Facebook next.

Facebook Dating Apps Download Free

There are other apps that have Facebook pages and groups on Facebook. From which you can access and get the apps. Doing a simple search with the keyword on Facebook will give you tons of results. These results will include pages and groups which you can join and like to get the apps from there. 

Facebook Dating groups

As I said dating as been going on in Facebook before the release of the dating app. So many people have been finding a date from Facebook dating groups. There are tons of dating groups where you can join to date easily on Facebook. Just do a simple Facebook search to get them. 

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