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Some time ago Facebook announced that it will be releasing her own dating service on the Facebook platform itself. For members who wishes to date or find it among their friends to engage in and change their relationship status. Now the feature has been released and is now available in some parts of the world. And that is why this post on Facebook dating service it’s coming your way today. This post will teach you everything concerning that. so if that sounds like what you would be interested in, then it is time to stay put and make sure you read to the end because we are just getting started.

Facebook Dating Service
Facebook Dating Service

Facebook Dating Service

Before the release of this feature or service. Dating has been going on Facebook. From the likes of Facebook dating groups pages and others, that are made just for the purpose of dating. and Facebook decided to launch their own dating service (facebook dating lunch), where users can have a secret dating profile if they are interested in dating. So that other users who are also interested in dating can find them and indicate their interest.

How to use Facebook Dating

Facebook dating service or feature is the feature within the facebook app present on the Android and iOS platform (sorry this feature is not yet available on the desktop version). where users can use and create a special dating profile separate from their normal Facebook profile. So as to get matched with others looking to date on the Facebook platform. This is in an attempt to change the status of the over 200 million Facebook users that are single. there is also the feature of ‘Secret crush’ which lets you match with others that you like or are crushing on. Users can use filter to fine-tune results based on location, age, children, religion, heights and much more to get a better result for who they’re interested in.

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How to Activate Facebook Dating

If you have been paying close attention to this post you will notice that I told you that the Facebook dating service is not yet available for all countries. However, it has rolled out for only a few countries and it is expected to be released for other and United States by the end of this year. Therefore, if dating is available for you or in your location then it is time to show you have to activate it. If you are interested in it of course.

  • To activate this feature, you have to opt-in. To do that you either respond to the notification on your newsfeed notifying you that Facebook dating is now available to you or you simply tap on the Heart icon that you will see when you open your profile. this icon should be found at the top right part of the screen on your profile.
  • Once you have tapped on that, the dating homepage will be opened on your application and you can set up your dating profile from there. Which will be hidden from your friends and be shown to those who are also on the Facebook dating platform.

Note: Only those on the dating service can see and view your dating profile. Also, you must be 18 years and older to opt-in for this service. Without opting in you cannot make use of this service. Blocking someone on the dating platform does not block the person from being your friend on Facebook.

How to set up Facebook Dating Profile

Setting up a very good dating profile is one of the things that lead to successful matching and dating. And that is why I will walk you through the process of setting up a good dating profile.

  • After opting in for the service and it’s time to create your profile.
  • Select your gender and also select the gender of those who are interested in.
  • Confirm your dating location.
  • Then write a brief biography of yourself that should be very interesting. Not more than 500 characters.
  • Answer some questions in your profile tiles. By tapping on the question you want to display and answering them. Choose a color.
  • Use an attractive and amazing profile photo. Preferably 3 – 5 pictures. And once every other thing is set you can now confirm and continue.

How to Find a Date on Facebook

Once your profile has been set up successfully it is now time to find a date using the platform. Do not panic finding dates is also easy. follow me as I walk through the process.

Enter your Facebook dating homepage. Now you can find matches omit your preferences and the ‘Suggested for you’ portion. Or you can like someone dating profile that you would want to date, by tapping the Heart icon indicating you are interested in the person. And you’ll be allowed to send only one message to the person so make it count. and if the person responds to the message then the conversation will show up in your conversation section. Also, remember to check the section where people who showed interest in your profile to start a conversation from there.

And finally, you can also find matches in the groups and events section. Facebook will suggest eligible singles that match the preferences that you set in the group or event you are in. Once you unlock an event or you join a group your dating profile will be visible to all the members or in attendance. You can also decide to see suggest matches to check out matches from the event or group.

Facebook Secret Crush

This is the feature that will display your dating profile secretly in front of your Facebook friends you selected that you are interested in dating. So that they might indicate their interest in dating you also. If they are on the dating platform they get a notification that you are interested in them. If they add you as a sacred crush that is only when your names will be revealed to each other and the matching can start.

Facebook Dating Release

As I have mentioned if you remember I mention that Facebook dating has already been rolling out in some places starting with Canada. and by the end of this year, It is now available in several other countries including the United States of America. As of April this year the dating feature started rolling out or was released. so if it is not yet available. or you can find it on your profile then it might not be yet available for your location.

This means that users in the USA can now finally have a taste of what facebook datingis about. So if you are in the USA, it’s time to opt-in and try out the dating feature now.

Facebook Dating App Release Date

It is time to clear up the confusion. The Facebook dating service does not have a separate app whereby users can access the dating feature. But it makes use of the same app which is the Facebook app on the mobile platform. In which users can opt-in for the dating service when available in their location. as this feature has been released since April this year.

Facebook Dating Feature

This feature is the same thing as the Facebook dating service. It is Facebook’s own dating platform available on the Facebook app. and can be accessed by Facebook users who opt-in for dating if and when the dating feature or service is available for them.

Facebook Dating USA

While this service is slowly rolling out to other locations, I want to say again that it is now available for those in the USA. however, you can try out other other methods of dating on facebook.


Now that the official Facebook dating is available for some location, you should be rest assured now that you must find a date. It is, therefore, necessary to utilize this feature if available in your location. Because this dating feature has been confirmed a success you should give it a try if you are to find dates on facebook.