Facebook Easter Eggs – and How to Use

Everyone loves Easter eggs, it appears Facebook does too. Hence they have added several different types of Easter Eggs to their social media platform over the years. This post on Facebook Easter Eggs shows you some of the facebook easter eggs words till date, the importance of Facebook Easter Eggs, and why use them. But first, let’s see what is an easter egg.

What is an Easter Egg?

According to the dictionary, an easter is an artificially decorated chocolate egg or is a hard-boiled egg, also decorated that is given to people on Easter. That is for the normal or the basic easter egg. Let’s talk about another type of easter egg.

In computer terms, an easter egg can be described as a joke, hidden message, image, features of any work. Which can be found in computer software, video games, DVDs, Blu-ray, so on and so forth. The easter eggs are meant for you to find.

Facebook Easter Egg

Facebook has hidden several secrets facebook animations, that are activated when special words are typed into the Facebook status bar. They are special features of animations that Facebook hid that can be activated when a specific word is typed into facebook. Some of the facebook special words that have activated it are listed below.

  • bff
  • bffs
  • best wishes
  • lmao
  • congrats
  • congratulations
  • thank you so much
  • you’re the best
  • you’ve got this
  • you got this
  • you can do it
  • rad
  • radness
  • wonderful time
  • xo
  • xoxo
  • xoxoxo

The above words are some of the lists of the known words. Do try out each of them and feel the special effects that would be unleashed on your screen. however, some are location dependent and may not work anymore.

Importance or Reasons Of Facebook Easter Eggs

The reasons for doing something or the importance of the thing are the same thing. So, the reason why Facebook uses easter eggs is basically to have fun. Everybody loves having fun, therefore, why not have fun on the number one social media platform presently. facebook added the facebook easter eggs feature to brightens up your screen with different types of effects depending on the easter egg words in type, and its all for fun.

I also think that it is to surprise you. in the case, you mistakenly type those words unknownly to you that they mean something. That it is an easter egg word and then your screen goes wide with the effect from the easter eggs animation. you would be very surprised and happy at the same time and then ask yourself what did I type that made it happen. So yes I think it is also to surprise us in the case where we did not know that a particular word can trigger an easter egg.

How To Use Facebook Easter Eggs

I have mentioned it before on this post but I’m going to talk about it again here. To use a facebook easter egg or to activate an easter egg in facebook is very easy. All you need to do it’s type in an easter egg word in the search bar, making a comment, or making a post on Facebook and it will automatically appear. so now you can play around with this list on this post and find out the Easter eggs attached to them. and the one that works for you.


Since the launch of the facebook easter eggs, it has been an instant hit among users. that’s why e have different kinds of facebook easter eggs. Even going on a hunt for them. but here on this post, we have listed some of the known facebook easter eggs for you to play around with this easter. Also, try and find more as it is a new easter.