Facebook Face Recognition App – Facial Recognition App For Facebook | Facebook Facial Recognition App

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Face recognition is now gaining ground more and more as the days go by as one of the most important and secure ways to prevent security breach. So many companies and industries have integrated it into their buildings even government buildings. We also see how very well it has been used in the latest movies to securely keep valuable things. Likewise, so has Facebook integrated a Facebook face recognition app on its platform. This is help tagging and to reduce the risk and to easily identify a particular person. 

Facebook Face Recognition App
Facebook Face Recognition App

Facebook face recognition app

Facebook face recognition app is been widely used on the Facebook platform. For lots of purposes including security and otherwise. The most recent form of the face recognition on Facebook I encountered is when I was trying to log in to my account after formating my chrome browser and I was asked to use face recognition to confirm my identity. 

I really love how its been used in this way as it will help make sure that someone else doesn’t have access to another person’s account even with the password. Also, it can be used to suggest tag when a photo or video that you are in is been posted by someone. Once facebook detects your face on it then you are suggested as a tag.

How the face recognition setting works

It is just like normal face recognition facebook reads your facial structure and takes all the parameters they need to identify your face. Then when the need arises giving the fact that your facial looks have been store it can be used to identify you later. 

The stored facial parameters of you is called a template, which is used to identify you in any picture or video. However, you must turn on face recognition in settings before you will be able to use this feature. 

How to turn on face recognition

To turn on the facial recognition setting you have to access setting to do that. This process is listed below is for Facebook on PC.

  1. On the top right side of the screen tap on the downward-facing arrow.
  2. At the left column, you will see Face Recognition tap on it.
  3. At the place where you see Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos? tap on Edit.
  4. Lastly, tap on Yes to activate or tap No to deactivate.

Note that once you deactivate the face recognition setting then the template created for you will be deleted by Facebook and the will not recognize your face anymore.


As the world continues to get more sophisticated in technology, that’s how security will keep getting better. And I personally love the fact that Facebook now uses face recognition to secure Facebook accounts, this is a very welcome feature. Not only for when you lost your account but to prevent unauthorized access. 

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