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Are you a developer and you want your development or developer skills to be registered all over the world or to be taken to the next level. Well, guess what? you are in luck as Facebook is looking for developers to make use of their Facebook for developers platform to take their development skill to the next level. And that is why this post is coming your way. This course will teach you all you need to know to be a Facebook developer, that is of course if you are willing to be one. Which is why I think you are here reading this post today.

Facebook for developers
Facebook for developers

Facebook for developers

The Facebook for developers is a Facebook platform or a tool provided by Facebook, for which third-party developers can make use of to create their own apps, services, and others to make use of data from the Facebook platform. These developers will work for Facebook to create their own applications services that will make use of Facebook data for the benefit of themselves and for Facebook and others. so if you are a developer you are good in making apps and other services it is good for you to try your luck using the Facebook for developer platform. This Facebook of developer platform has the ability to take you to the next level as a Facebook developer.

Importance of Facebook for developers

The importance of Facebook for developers platform is as wide as anything can be. There are lots of benefits and features to become a Facebook developer today. some of them are listed below for you to see to get your interest and your hopes up.

  • Build – with the set of tools provided by Facebook you can build better applications and services for yourself to be rendered using the Facebook platform.
  • Monetization – use Facebook monetization to grow your business revenue as a developer.
  • Audience – you can reach an audience as large as Facebook and engage with as a developer.
  • It can also help you use Facebook to contribute more to the developer community.

Let’s stop there on this post. More of the benefits or importance are available on Facebook for developers platform you can visit there to see for yourself.

How to become a Facebook developer

So if you have been reading this post and you have decided it’s the right thing for you to do, to become a Facebook developer. Then follow the below procedure to become one, in other for you to start developing for Facebook today.

  • Visit the Facebook for developer platform with this link.
  • If prompted to re-login do so and click on the green Register as a developer icon at the top right side of the screen.
  • Tick the boxes that will appear next to agree to terms and condition and then tap or click on Continue.
  • Enter your mobile phone number to verify your account.
  • When you receive the code Facebook sent to you input it and click on Confirm.
  • Facebook will ask you to tell them a little about yourself do so or skip
  • Lastly, you will see another message congratulating you that you are not a Facebook developer. Then click on Done.

Those are the easy steps involved in becoming a Facebook developer. However, I will throw this one in for free how to create a Facebook app when you have become a Facebook developer.

How to create a Facebook app

Now if you have already registered and you are now a Facebook developer you can continue with the steps below. However, if you’re not you can go back to the procedure above to first become a Facebook developer before carrying out the below procedure.

  • Log into your Facebook developer account.
  • Tap on My apps, and click on Add a new app.
  • Enter the details of your app, then click on Create app ID.
  • Fill in the CAPTCHA code and then click on Submit.
  • Now click on Setup, which we open a window on the left side of the screen click on Facebook login. And click on Settings.
  • Now type in your URL, and click on Dashboard from the left side of the screen.
  • Click on Show, now you can copy your app ID and your app secret.
  • Go to the Facebook application page, click on Preview from the left part of the screen.
  • Click on the Switch button to switch to Make my first public to yes. This will make the app available to the public.
  • And finally, click on Confirm.

and just like that, you have created your first app using Facebook for developers to. Isn’t it easy?


If you are an upcoming developer you must give this Facebook developer or Facebook for the developer a try. You cannot overlook it or ignore its importance. You can take advantage of this tool to reach almost everyone on the Facebook platform, grow your development skill and your business, make your developed product known to the public by just using the Facebook for developers. you should give it a try it is a must for you to join the Facebook developer community today.

am loyal smart and humble.