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Facebook is not only a social media network but its also a gaming network. Games have been present right on the facebook platform for a very long time now. and they are only getting more user response and activities as time goes by. The number one social media platform Facebook boasts of the over 2 million users that engage in game-playing monthly on the platform. facebook games best is a list of best FB games compiled by me for the game lovers that are here.

Facebook Games Best
Facebook Games Best

Facebook Games Best

There are lots of games on the FB platform but not all of them relieves much users interest. That is while the issues of facebook game best is coming your way. If you are a gamer, there is the need that will want to compel you to play only the best games so as to feel satisfied. So on this post, we will list out some of the best games on facebook for you guys to see today. So that you start playing them whenever you like.

Facebook Games

Now games on this platform are of there different categories or style of play. There are the once which you can play on facebook direct. There are those you will have to download the Facebook Gameroom app in other to have access to and play because these games normally require you download extra parts of the games with your data. While the last are the Facebook games on messenger.

Where ever you find yourself or whatever FB app you find yourself using you can just pop in and start playing any of the best games you what to play.

Facebook Web Games

These are the kind of games I mentioned above that can be played directly on the facebook web itself. These games do not require the help of the Gameroom or the downloading of any additional file or use the messenger before you can play them. These are directly played once you can access the games collection.

Best Games in Facebook

Here I have compiled the list of best games both on the Gameroom, the FB web and on messenger. Into a list of more than 10 games. Use these games to keep yourself busy for the main time. Till there is something better you got to do.

  1. Candy Crush Saga – it seems this game keeps getting better. And its has been dominating the mobile gameosphere right from the time it was released till now. You know the usual about the gameplay and how to be the best. This game is available to play on Facebook on Andriod and more.
  2. Criminal case – go into the world of crime and start thinking like a detective to solve all the crimes. There are so many hidden object and clues to be uncovered. This can also be played on the web.
  3. Dragon city – groom and train your own dragons in your own city. And use them to fight against other players to conquer them and take their dragons. This game is very amazing.
  4. Football Manager
  5. Pearl’s Peril
  6. Bubble Witch 3 Saga
  7. Bejeweled Blitz
  8. Dead Trigger 2

Gameroom games

  • Warhammer 40000: Freeblade
  • Frontline Commando: D-Day
  • Lies of Astaroth
  • Agent Elf
  • NCIS: Hidden Crimes

Best messenger games

  1. EverWing
  2. Space Invaders
  3. Galaga
  4. Brick Pop
  5. Shuffle cats

How to play Facebook games

Accessing these games is easy. All you need is to access the FB games app center to play web games. Then from there, you can download the Gameroom for Gameroom games. Then for the messenger games, use your messenger app start a new chat and tap on the controller icon to access the games. Finally, you can just do a simple search for any of the games you want. Also, see Facebook game list.