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Facebook games have been around for quite a while now and are no longer news to most of us. However, to the newcomers on the Facebook platform, it might be big news. And that is the reason for coming out with this post on Facebook games. Facebook games are gaining ground all over the Facebook platform rapidly with more Facebook users engaging and playing these games. on this post, we will talk about the Facebook games how to access them, how to play them and so much more on this post today, therefore, you will do yourself good by staying to the end if you want to know more about Facebook games.

Facebook games

It is not only recently that social media started including games on their platforms. So that in case you tired of chatting or doing whatever social activity you are doing you can quickly switch over to playing games with your friends and others. Facebook game is a game that can be played on the Facebook platform by Facebook users. which typically consist of a multiplayer mechanism. However, not all are multiplayer. to be able to play a Facebook game you must be registered on the Facebook platform. The Facebook games can be played on both the Facebook desktop and Facebook mobile and the Facebook messenger app. That being said playing these games are very easy to do. Let’s talk about some categories and examples of them next.


There are so many categories of these games on the platform however we’ll just mention but a few of them for you to know. On the platform, you find games categories such as action games, strategy games, car games which I don’t like, puzzle games, arcade games and so on. Because the collection of games on the Facebook platform is quite Large. you can play hundreds of them on the platform and you still won’t scratch the surface.

Examples of FB games

They are thousands of them now available on the Facebook platform for the need to play with friends, in groups and solo and others. Some of the examples of the game on the Facebook platform are listed below.

  • Dragon glory
  • Candy Crush
  • Doctor bingo
  • The panic room
  • Red crucible reloaded
  • Find and destroy: tank strategy
  • Warhammer 40000
  • Storm of wars
  • Bubble diamond
  • Undead nation
  • Tanker raid and so on.

the above is some of the facebook games lists. There are basically thousands upon thousands of games now available on the Facebook platform for its users to play.

Facebook game requirements

So if you want to play a FB game there are some requirements in order to do so. You might already have them at hand but let’s still mention them again.

  • A computer or mobile device.
  • An iOS device of version 8 or higher and an Android device from lollipop upwards.
  • Also, need an internet connection.
  • You need to download the Facebook Messenger application.
  • You need a lot of data and internet connection since the games are basically online.

And that will be all you will need to be able to access and play a Facebook game on your desktop computer

How to play Facebook games

Like I said earlier on, FB games are available on both the Facebook platform and FB messenger on desktop and on mobile. We’ll talk about how to play the games on all.

How to play a Facebook game on Facebook

To play a Facebook game on Facebook is very easy all you have to do is visit the Facebook games app center. and click on Play now on any of the games.

How to play a Facebook game on Facebook messenger app

  • To play a Facebook game on Facebook messenger app, open the Facebook messenger app.
  • Now, start a new chat. Which will display the Facebook game controller. then tap on the Controller. However, if you can’t find it tap on the more icon and then tap on it.
  • Once that is done select any game you want to play.

How to play a Facebook messenger game on Facebook desktop

To use the Facebook desktop and play a messenger game carry out the below procedure.

  • Get a computer and log in your Facebook account.
  • Start chatting on messenger and when you see the controller icon tap on it.
  • Now select any of game you want to play.

Carrying out these procedures exactly give you access to play Facebook games on your desktop and mobile devices. but note that you must have the latest version of the apps installed on your device.

Facebook games download

Majority of all these games can also be downloaded for the Android and the iOS platforms. to download them follow the process below as it is quite easy.

  • Open your app store or play store.
  • Type and search for the name of the Facebook game you want to download.
  • Tap on the game from the search results.
  • Tap on Install and Accept for Android while you should tap on Get and then Install for iOS.

Once that process is done you can now play any of the game on your device. so next tie when you see any facebook game you like you can try downloading it to your device.


Facebook games are part of the way of making sure that people spend more time o the Facebook platform. however, they are good for recreational activities ad competition between friends groups and others. so join the thousands even millions of Facebook users that are playing this games daily and monthly. and maybe download some of them to your device.

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