Facebook Games Messenger – Instant Games on Messenger

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last week we talked about best facebook games on the Facebook web and Gameroom. Now its time to talk about facebook games messenger. You should know by now that gaming on this platform is now a very big deal. That’s the reason why some people log in on facebook daily just to play games with friends. So if you are a gamer then follow me as I take you through the whole process on gaming on your messenger app.

Facebook Games Messenger
Facebook Games Messenger

Facebook Games

Like I have mentioned above, facebook now is not just a place to socialize. It has many features these days to keep you occupied. It’s a place to date, a place to buy and sell, a place to run Ads and also a place to game. Hence the reason for this post today. Gaming on this platform is something many users do, more than 2 millions users engage in gaming monthly. So you can see it’s a very big deal. Facebook instant games is like a gaming platform on its own that users have access to and can play many games online or with the help of the Gameroom feature.

There are thousands of games on this platform for you to derive pleasure in playing. Ranging from arcade to shooting, from fighting games in fact any categories of games can be found and played on facebook. Therefore if you don’t want to chat, socialize or buy and sell then you might want to play a game.

Facebook Games Messenger

Playing games on this platform can be done in three ways. Which are playing games on the Facebook web platform itself via web browsers when you log in your account, gaming using the Gameroom when you download it to your pc and finally games on the facebook messenger which we will dwell on today.

Facebook games messenger are instant games that can be played on Facebook messenger with friends and share your scores and others. They can also be called instant games on messenger. There are lots of games also present on messenger that you should engage in playing today. These games are fun as they can be played with friends. However, you must use or will need the facebook messenger before you can access or play these games. Else you would be limited to only games on the Facebook web.

Instant Games on Messenger – How to Play

These games are called insTanT games because you don’t need any other thing or download any additional file in other to play them. They can be played instantly. All you need is to access the games and start playing. First of all, you will have to download the messenger app which is independent of the main Facebook app.

Download Messenger New

The instant games on messenger are not yet available all so keep that in mind in case you can’t find the games on it. Now you will have to update your messenger or install your it if you don’t have it the latest version. Follow the procedure below.

  • The app can be downloaded on both android and ios. So open your Appstore or play store.
  • And type and search for “Messenger.”
  • Tap on it when the result is out. now on android tap Install and Accept.
  • Or simply tap on tap on Get and Install for ios.

And wait for the app to be downloaded. After downloading you need to do a facebook messenger login or sign up to the app.

Access The Games

  • Open the messenger app you have downloaded and sign in if you have not.
  • Now you either type the name of the games in the search box to search for it and tap on it to play.
  • Or you open a conversation with anybody you want to play with.
  • Now tap on the Four blue dots icon on the bottom left part of the screen.
  • And tap on Games.

That all. Once the games list shows you can select anyone you want to play and enjoy with friends.

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Wrapping up the matter is that Facebook is the number one social media platform and has been so for a very long time. And in other to stay at the top they have to be very innovative to make sure they don’t fall out. And that’s while facebook has games. Also a marketplace and more. So when next you are bored or tired of chatting simply play a game with your friends.

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