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If you have heard about the word Facebook live before, and you don’t know what it is and have been wondering what it means well thank God. you’re in luck you have come to the right post. This post will teach you all you need to know about this feature. It is a very exciting feature that everyone including business or otherwise minded on the Facebook platform should adopt. this post will teach you some of the benefits of this feature, how to go live on the Facebook platform and so much more on this post. as usual, stay tuned and relax as we go right ahead and jump in.

Facebook Live
Facebook Live

What is Facebook live?

The Facebook live feature is a video streaming feature in which a Facebook user can decide to go live and broadcast him or herself doing something interesting and being watched by their friends on the platform. Now friends have the option to join the live broadcast and comment on whatever the person is doing. and also, like and love the video. in other words, this feature basically allows users to broadcast live videos for other users(followers) to see and comment on. This feature has many benefits and importance to the people engaging on the live broadcast. Some of the benefits are listed below.

Benefits of Facebook live feature

The benefits of this feature are much, however, we are just going to mention a few of them on this post. They are as follows

  • It gives you a fun way to connect with your followers, also to strengthen your Bond and your relationship with your followers.
  • Also, this feature can get you more followers on the Facebook platform, when people view your live videos
  • The live feature enables you to connect directly with your follower and share your thoughts as your viewers comment on your live video.
  • Trill your followers with the video editing tools that are available on the live feature.

That will be all the benefits we will mention on this post today. As you can see the Facebook live feature is basically for publicity.

Is Facebook live available for everyone?

Now, if your question is whether the Facebook live stream feature is available for everyone on the planet? Then yes this feature is available for everyone on the Facebook platform. as long as you have the latest version of the Facebook app installed on your device then you can go live on Facebook and be rest assured that you can go live also anywhere and anytime you want. the next thing we will talk about on this post is how to go live on Facebook before we take off other questions.

How to use Facebook live

To go live on Facebook, or to use this feature carry out the below procedure exactly as you see it. The process is very easy and just contains only two steps and you are done.

  • Open or launch the Facebook application on your mobile device.
  • On your newsfeed tap the ‘what is on your mind.’
  • And tap on the live video icon which is the red video camera.

Once that is done you are now live. Then you can go ahead to edit your privacy settings. you can choose who views the video and other settings. also editing using filters and so on as you see fit.

How to know if a video is live

To know if any of your followers are engaging in a live video stream is very easy. All you need to do to check for a red video camera icon which indicates that the video you are looking at his live. and you will also find the word live written next to the red icon, the number of viewers will be displayed in the live video stream too. Also, you can find live comments going up the screen of the video as users or followers comment on the video, that is how you know if a video is live.

What happens to a live video once it has ended?

Once a live video has ended, the video we go over to be published on the page or the profile of the person who did the live video stream on Facebook. This is to make sure that the followers who were not present during the time the live video stream was on, can still get a glimpse of what happened as the video we published there. However, the user who published or did the live video stream can decide to take it down anytime the person wants.


It is not a strange fact that live video streaming on Facebook is a fun and engaging activity for Facebook users to do to engage their followers. right from the time, this feature launched it was an instant hit among the Facebook users as it is very fun to engage in and to feel the live comments and the video going on. it is, however, another good way to Bond and strengthen the numbers of your followers. To gain publicity and popularity for your brand, page, group or yourself on the Facebook platform. so if you do not do live videos on the Facebook platform I encourage you to start from today.

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