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If you have been using Facebook in the passed or till now then you should know what the marketplace is. In fact, this is one of the biggest features of facebook, which is the number one social media platform. But this feature does not go without its fair share of problems. Which brings us to today’s post on Facebook marketplace app not showing up. Therefore, if you are experiencing this problem or your friends are, then you are in luck. Because that is what we would talk about today. And also ways to solve it. But first?

Facebook Marketplace App not Showing up
Facebook Marketplace App not Showing up

Facebook Marketplace App

Simply put, Facebook Marketplace App is the official buy and sell part of the Facebook platform. It’s a digital market present right on the Facebook platform itself where Facebook users can carry out activities such as buying, selling, trading and more in their area. Yes, one thing I like very much is that you and find items without stress in your locality and in your area. Which is quite nice as you don’t have to pay for shipping or do some traveling just to buy an item. Also, check my post on the Facebook marketplaces.

The marketplace app is present on the facebook app itself and can be accessed directly by facebook users. However, there is a very serious catch. If you are probably new to this you might not know that this feature is still rolling out. The facebook marketplace launched in 2016 and became quite a very popular feature that is very similar to craigslist. This feature is been used by more than 800 million people monthly. So if yours stopped showing up then continue reading.

Facebook Marketplace App not Showing up

Like I said above the marketplace app is present on the Facebook application and also on the Facebook web. Accessing it is very easy if it’s available in your location, however, due to some few reasons your marketplace might not be showing up even when it’s available to you. And some of these reasons include the following.

  • When you are under 18 – it’s simple once you are under 18 years of age you can’t access this feature it’s not possible.
  • New facebook account – also if you just recently joined the platform. meaning your account is new, you also won’t see the icon. And you cant access it.
  • Location – I have talked about this and I am saying it again. One of the reasons the marketplace will not show up is if you are in a location where the feature has not yet rolled out to. Because this feature is still been rolled out.
  • Can’t be used with the iPod touch. So if you use one forget about accessing the market feature on it.

How to Get to Marketplace on Facebook

If you can’t find the Facebook marketplace icon, it might be that you are not looking in the right place. how to get to marketplace on facebook is simple. This feature is not hidden in fact it is right there so you can see it and access anytime you want. Now to get to marketplace do the following.

  • From the Facebook apps check the top when logged in for ios and at the bottom when logged in for android. To find the marketplace app, or tap on the Three horizontal icon which is the menu. Then look for the icon that looks like a shop icon and tap on it. That’s the market app.
  • Using Facebook web check the left side (main menu) of your Facebook account when logged in. If you find the Market icon then tap on it. if you can’t still find it tap on the See more link to load more menu. Finally, visit the marketplace directly.

How to Get Facebook Marketplace

After doing the above but you can’t find the marketplace then its time to try a more subtle approach. Now try the bellow procedure to see if you can get the icon.

  • Logout your Facebook account, close the app and then open the app and log in again.
  • You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling your Facebook app again. Or just clearing the app data.
  • Make sure your Facebook account is real, by doing the normal things facebook users do. Like chatting, posting comments, etc.
  • Open your Facebook app the switch off and on your data connection.
  • Finally, you can try changing your location to a location where the marketplace is available.

 Now after doing all these and your Facebook marketplace app not showing up. Then know that ist not available in your location. Before consider changing your location. To any of the location where it’s available. and enjoy the marketplace. you can also check my post Facebook Marketplace not Working.


If you go through these procedures correctly, the only way the icon will not come is only when its not available for you. but if it available and it disappears then you can use his post to bring it back and enjoy.

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