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The Facebook marketplace is a big place and an international place. A place where buyers come to meet with sellers for the sole purpose of buying and selling. And in order for everything to function properly, There must be rules put in place to take care of it. Likewise, Facebook marketplace rules are put in place to keep buyers and sellers protected and in peace on the Facebook market. On this post, Facebook marketplace rules, we will be talking about the rules put in place by Facebook, the importance of following the rules and finally how to access the marketplace in the first place.

Facebook marketplace

As I said above the Facebook marketplace is a big place, that is it is a big market where buyers can come and meet sellers. The market is totally an online market platform. that can be accessed by anyone from any part of the world where the market is available. to simply use the market and make a purchase or sell. However buying and selling are only limited to those available in your area. the Facebook marketplace is perfect for those who do not want to go out of the area to buy things. It is basically a marketplace organize for the participants of Facebook. The only catch is that the marketplace is not available for all locations. As it is a new feature and it is still rolling out to many regions.

Importance of Facebook marketplace rules

As I mentioned earlier rules are put in place to ensure safe relation and organization of a place. These do not actually mean rules. But they are tips or things you should do to keep yourself safe while using the Facebook marketplace as directed by Facebook. So these tips or rules or directives are coming from Facebook direct on how to protect yourself while using the marketplace. however, I added one extra for your benefit. but first lets Some of the importance below.

  • First of all to prevent you from being a victim of a scam.
  • To protect your privacy from threats against it.
  • Also, protect your life above others.
  • To keep you safe while engaging in any transaction.
  • Prevent you from buying or engaging in a wrong transaction.
  • The ensure you enjoy the full benefits of the Facebook marketplace.

There you have it, the above are some of the benefits or importance of following rules or the tips laid down by Facebook on the marketplace. that being said it is time for us to go into the rules proper, which is what we’ll talk about next on this post.

Facebook marketplace rules as laid down by Facebook with one extra from me

Below you will find the list and explanation of marketplace rules. That when you follow them properly will ensure your safety on the Facebook marketplace. So make sure to follow them exactly.

  • Protect your privacy – by not sharing sensitive information about your account details. To the other person, you are having a transaction with. Only share financial information that cannot hurt you when given to other parties. Things such as your password, usernames, and others should be kept private.
  • Meeting location – in fact, this is one of the safest things to consider when engaging in any transaction whatsoever on the Facebook marketplace. If you do not meet in a safe location where you feel comfortable then there can be a disaster. So meet in a public place where both parties would be very comfortable and not in secluded places.
  • Confirm the item – before making any form of payment the items or item you are about to purchase must be verified by you. As to what was on the Facebook listing and if you confirm it is real then you can make your payment. Besides that do not make any form of payment.
  • Payments – avoid payments that are not legit or that requires you to fill in your details on an unknown link. Before payment could be made. Instead, both parties should use known sources of payment like PayPal, wire transfer or even cash is better. What I’m saying is that do not engage in any suspicious form of payment you are not conversant with. As this can lead to hacking of your account.
  • Stay away from recalled items -there is a reason why some items are recalled in the first place. So if you are a buyer or a seller refrain from buying or selling recalled items. As they are illegal in most places. What you do when you are not sure if the item is recalled is to check properly online. To see if that particular item is or not.
  • Watch for counterfeit – do not engage in any form of buying or selling counterfeited items. Because they are illegal and you can be arrested for them. So buyers and sellers should be cautious about the items they are buying or selling in terms of being counterfeit.
  • Be very careful buying cars – cars sales is one of the most dubious areas where people are being scammed. So if you are buying or selling a car make sure the car is not a counterfeit or you are not being scammed before you purchase. If need be before you buy or sell a car make sure to take an expert in cars. To actually determine if it is the real deal you are getting. Always double-check and triple-check on cars transaction.
  • And finally, this last rule is my own added rule or tip. Always make sure to go with somebody in case the need arise do not go alone.


You should know by now meeting with somebody you have not met with before to make a transaction involves a level of risk attached. That is the same reason why Facebook has come up with some of these rules or tips for you to follow to stay safe on the marketplace. However, my own tip is the last one on the list which if you choose to do or ignore its left for you. But I assure you if you follow these tips or rules correctly you will enjoy the Facebook marketplace. And you will never fall victim of any scam or threats to your life.

am loyal smart and humble.