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The COVID 19 pandemic may have stopped physical meetings or contacts but there is one thing it cannot stop which is video calling or conference call.  The COVID-19 may have broken physical contact but it cannot break contacts digitally, leading to Facebook to release its latest feature called Facebook messenger rooms. 

Facebook Messenger Rooms
Facebook Messenger Rooms

This is the feature that can enable up to 50 people to do a conference call with each other despite the COVID 19 restrictions.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

The Facebook messenger rooms is Facebook”s Latest conference calling feature which was recently launched for the sole purpose of friends conversing with one another despite the lockdown. 

This feature allows for up to 50 people To do video chat with each other at the same time as though they are in the same room. The essence of this feature is to stay in touch physically as if in the same room and interact.

How to use Facebook’s Messenger Rooms

If you’re going to use the Facebook messenger room you have to create a room before you can make use of this feature.  However, creating a room can be done with your facebook messenger app, facebook app or Facebook desktop. 

Let’s see how to create a room with your facebook messenger below:

  • Firstly head over to your app store and update your Facebook messenger application.
  • Once the update is done tap to open the Facebook Messenger.
  • Tap the “People” Option near the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Now tap on “Create a Room” at the top part of the screen.
  • Tap the “Try it” The bottom part of the screen to get past the introduction section.
  • On the next screen you either tap on “Who Can Join” on an iPhone or “Edit” On an Android phone, To adjust the option of those that can join your conference call. After that we’ll get two options which are either to allow any Facebook user with the link or any Facebook user at all with or without the link to join. 

Once done you can simply share the room link to ypur friends anywhere on Facebook or invite them directly to the room. After your friends have joined the room we will now have access to the rooms editing features to control what goes on on the room. 

Facebook Messenger Rooms Review

The Facebook messenger is a really a cool feature to have especially in this time of crisis.  It is a welcome addition to the Facebook platform as a whole. 

In addition Facebook just recently released a new screen sharing feature that enables users to share the contents of their screen with other Facebook messenger room participants. However you can only share your screen with a maximum of 16 people. 

This update will allow you share that magical moment you’re always wanted to share during the lockdown. with your friends and family. 

Facebook Messenger Rooms Integration

This messenger room feature is available not only on Facebook messenger but also on the Facebook app and Facebook desktop as well.  It is also integrated on Instagram to enable you create your messenger room and add your friends. 

To use this feature on Instagram you have to go to your direct message and tap on video call, Tap on create your own and finally sent out the invite.

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