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Have you ever heard of the Facebook newsroom? Well if I can get one thing clear judging by the looks on your faces, not many of you know about the Facebook news platform. even me I am just getting to know that there’s something called the Facebook news. so I decided to bring you this post today. This post will tell you more about the Facebook news and also clarify any thoughts or knowledge you might have heard concerning the Facebook news.

What is Facebook newsroom

The Facebook newsroom is a Facebook news platform developed for Facebook, social media and related kinds of news. On the Facebook news platform, you find news from Facebook activities to social media activities and other development news. The platform is a recent addition or recent feature of the Facebook platform. and that is why many people don’t know about it. However, not many people follow news these days. As they are too busy using social media. so many people know the names of different social media but not many know much news platform.

Importance of Facebook newsroom

There are important to reading news and also to staying informed on social media news. A news is a story of something that happened or is happening, something new and that is why it is called news in the first place. some of the importance of this platform includes getting updates on important Facebook activities. You can also get updates on Facebook-owned social media such as Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. Also, you can get the latest updates on tech around this platform. The fact that you are getting updates is also another importance of this platform.

Difference between Facebook newsroom and Facebook news feed

If you reading this post and you do not still understand what the Facebook newsroom is about or you are confusing it with the news feed feature, then it is time to clarify that mistake. the news feed feature is where you find posts or contents from your friends and people on Facebook. While the newsroom it’s just a news platform for news update. The news feed also contains profile pictures, photo post, video post, upcoming events, birthdays, etc from your Facebook friends. While The newsroom has nothing to do with Facebook friends

Do I need a Facebook account to access Facebook newsroom?

This is another question which might be bothering you. But if you have read what I said above, you will know that the newsroom does not require one having a Facebook account. as it is not directly linked to Facebook itself. it’s just a platform to get the latest news update on Facebook activities and others. Like most news platform it does not require you to have an account before you can access. therefore the answer is no you do not need a Facebook account to access The newsroom.

How to access it

Accessing Facebook newsroom is as simple as just pushing a button. All you have to do to access the Facebook newsroom is to open your browser. And visit the news website which is in this link. To get access to all the latest news contained in the platform.


The conclusion of the matter is that staying updated is a must in this present age. To stay updated on Facebook’s activities, social media, tech and other kinds of news relating to social media and technology. you have to be a regular visitor to the newsroom platform. And now that you know how to access it, it should be very easy for you to start using it from now. I recommend that you start using it from today.