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Facebook pixel is not a feature to be joked with if you run ads on the Facebook platform. As this feature is very beneficial to your ads campaign on the platform and on your website. This feature is also broad and it needs a little bit of digging into to clarify yourself about what exactly it entails. And that’s why this post on the Facebook pixel is coming today. This post on Facebook pixel will teach you what’s a Facebook pixel is, the importance of it, how to use a Facebook pixel and much more to come on this post today. So if I was someone who runs ads on Facebook it is a must I go through this post.

Facebook pixel
Facebook pixel

What is Facebook pixel?

First of all the Facebook pixel is a tool used by those who run an advert on the Facebook platform. So if you do not run an advert on the Facebook platform then you have nothing to do with the pixel. That being said a Facebook pixel is a tool given to you by Facebook that contains a code which can be inputted on your website to track the visitors coming from your Facebook to your website and their behavior. This data can now be used with Facebook ads in the future. This is an essential feature like I said before if you do run ads on the Facebook platform it won’t benefit you. It helps in retargeting of the Facebook ads. To get you your previous and more visitors. So basically, this data obtained from the Facebook pixel can be used in various ways to better improve your Facebook ads and your site visitors.

Benefits of Facebook pixel

The importance of Facebook pixel is much. And I would be trying to explain a little bit on this post. Some of them are listed below.

  • Once the pixel code is on your website, it gives you the option or the feature to create an amazing list. Like the list of people that visited your site from 1 to 180 days, people visiting a particular page or group and so on and forth.
  • Also with the pixel, you can create specific standard events, telling people that a particular type of event is about to take place on the website.
  • The pixel provides a custom conversion feature to determine the purchase of a particular product from your page or website.
  • Conversion tracking is also one of the features that enable you to track the rate at which people use your website, the events, conversions, and others.
  • Conversion optimization enables you to optimize your conversion event conversion, tracking and more.

These are some of the importance of having this tool installed on your website. It is basically giving you information about how people visit your website and what they do in order for you to best take advantage of it to improve your profits and more. Next, we are going to see how to get started with this great tool.

Get started with Facebook pixel

To get started with this tool, the below guide will put you through the entire process. And by the end of this post, it should be running on your website. Just follow the steps below I have made them easy and simple for you to carry out.

  • Firstly visit the pixel tool in Event Manager and click on Get started.
  • Now hit Create a pixel.
  • Now click on Create again in the box that appear.
  • Copy the pixel code that you have created and passed it on your website.
  • You are going to be posting the pixel code on the header code of your website which is after the <head> tag and before the </head> tag.
  • The code should be pasted in all pages or just into your template if you have it.
  • Now click on Next. now copy codes based on event actions you want to track.
  • Now paste the copied event code on the particular area you want to track on your site and tap on Next when done.
  • You have to visit the site to check if the code is working properly or else repeat the step again.

That is all on inputting the code and getting it to run on your website. However, if you cannot carry out the process above then you might want to have a web developer install the code on your site for you. The process is very tedious and it’s tricky most people wouldn’t be able to do it on their own. So, in that case, you might want to enlist the help of a web developer to do that for you.

How to find your Facebook pixel ID

Your Facebook pixel ID is very easy to find. And can be found on the ads manager. All you have to do is open the ads manager and tap on the Menu icon. You will find the pixel under the ‘Measure and report’ function. Now tap on Pixel, Now your Facebook pixel Id can be found on your dashboard.

Create pixel ID

your pixel ID will be created when you start creating your pixel. That is if you have created a pixel before then you must have your pixel ID. However, if you have not created a one before then go back to the steps on creating a text above. after creating your pics your ID has been created.

Facebook pixel helper

Facebook pixel helper is a Google Chrome extension that is also a troubleshooting tool to help with your Facebook pixel on your website. This tool will help take care of all your pixel optimization on your website. The pixel helper helps you in many ways you can’t imagine. now to download the pixel helper follow the procedure.

  • you will need your Google chrome for this. open your Google chrome and enter this link.
  • Now click on the Add to Chrome button. At the top right corner of the screen.
  • When the new window appears to click on Add extension.

After the pixel helper has been successfully downloaded and installed on yours. You can find it on your chrome toolbar then go over to your website when you get to your pixel and tap on the pixel helper extension and continue from there.


The importance of the Facebook pixel are much and cannot all be talked about on this post. However, it is a must for you to have the Facebook pixel installed on your platform or your website. And you can either do that by yourself by reading through the procedure to do that on the post. But if you can do it then, you might want to enlist the help of a web developer to do it for you. Also, install the Facebook pixel helper to help you after the installation is complete to properly run your business on your website without complications and problems. The Facebook pixel is the ultimate tool for you to understand your customer behavior and increase your revenue and your profit.

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