Facebook Search – List of How to Use

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The Facebook search is a very useful feature. if you have ever had someone you lost contact with and you want to get in back in touch with the person you would be happy about this feature. almost everyone is on facebook these days including your village people. that’s no wonder why the Facebook search is basically the best option if you looking to find someone that you have lost.

Facebook is by far the largest and the most popular social media platform. with millions of users trying to check what their friends are up on facebook daily. for this simple reason, that is why Facebook is the ideal social media to search for lost friends and family. this feature is designed in such a way that you can’t miss who you are looking for.

Facebook search

The Basics of Facebook Search

Facebook search can be used on both computers, mobile as long as the device can browse facebook. to use the facebook search, open facebook, click on the Facebook search bar, the Facebook search bar is located on the left upper corner of the facebook page. Once you click or tap the search bar and start typing a person’s name you would begin to see suggestions base on what you are typing.

The suggestions that you will see when you type will appear below the search box, which may occasionally tend to reshape and rephrase what you are typing a little bit with the available information on Facebook based on what you are typing. However, the use of this rephrasing is that it’s meant to focus you to the particular thing you are searching so that you won’t go off track. When typing once you see what you are searching for no need to continue typing you just click or tap on it.

Things You Can Search for

It’s good to know the potential of this search option so as not to search blindly and to get better results. the things you can search on facebook includes people,photos of places, post groups and lots more. These are all for the benefit of a better search experience.

The Facebook search has a filter that you can use to narrow down your search results to eliminate wrong results. When searching and you click on one of the search results in the drop-down menu, tap or click to see all result for what you searched. This will open the search filter where you would find all the options to reduce our search result to what you are really looking for.

Combine Phrase –Facebook Search

This is really a wonderful option with high capability. With allows you to search for specific things by combining multiple phrases together to give you the best and most accurate results. With this function, You are not limited to just a word or two words during the search. You can make a search like this, photos of puppies posted in New York. And because Facebook knows the location of users that have posted pictures of their puppies, the search will be accurate you will only get photos of puppies posted to in Newyork.

Quick Search Help – Facebook Search

This option gives you quick help for searching. Which serves as help reference and it doesn’t produce all the search results. This is better for when you just need a quick help guil on maybe something technical. To use this option, you will have to click on the question mark symbol that is situated at the right top corner of the screen.

There is no denying the fact that the Facebook search feature is one of the most powerful options when looking for someone or something anywhere. The fact being that Facebook is the most populated social media platform today. It’s very easy to find someone using the Facebook search feature.

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