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Facebook sign up

Yeah, the facebook sign up is the most important thing to do if you are to use Facebook. This is what billions of people have done in order for them to use Facebook. If you are to join the over two billion people on the Facebook platform today you must first be signed up on Facebook or you must first go through the Facebook sign up process. And I am overjoyed on bringing you this post today. well, I know most of you reading this post have already signed up on Facebook but not all. So for the remaining few that have not done that, it is time for you to sign up for a free account today. I’m also going to be talking about some problems people face while creating a Facebook account so stay tuned today as I take you through.

Facebook sign up
Facebook sign up

Facebook sign up

We won’t be wasting our time going to talk about Facebook’s history you already know that it was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and Co during their Harvard University days. And so many years later the Facebook platform is standing strong and is the number one social Media platform present today. Without indicating any sign of letting down soon.

Criteria to sign up on Facebook

There are certain criteria you must meet in order to sign up on the Facebook platform. These criteria are as stated below.

  • Well for starters you must be 13 years and older.
  • Also, you must have a computer or mobile device to access the platform.
  • You might need an internet connection in the case where free Facebook is not available in your location.
  • Finally, you must come with some brains to navigate through the process.

How to create a Facebook account

To create a Facebook account is pretty easy and simple. Just follow the procedure below exactly to do so.

  • Firstly open the Facebook account creation page. Now once you have opened it then congratulations I welcome you to the Facebook sign up.
  • What you do next is to type in your name, your email address or your phone number, select a password put your date of birth and your gender.
  • And finally, click on Create an account.

However, note that you can also use this process for Facebook sign up new person that is to sign up a new person or create a new account for yourself or anybody.

How to confirm your email or phone number

Confirming your email or your phone number would complete the process of your Facebook sign up. Now carry out the following procedures to do so.

  • To confirm your phone number enter the code sent to you via SMS on the box on Facebook and tap on Confirm.
  • To confirm your email address open your email address and click on the Link sent to you which will load and take you to your Facebook account and your email is confirmed.

Now note that if you didn’t get an email or SMS message to confirm your Facebook account. you have to check properly if the number or the email address you provided is correct. If not correct them and sign up again.

How to reset Facebook password

Should in case you have a problem with your account when logging in or you forgot your password and you can’t log in. Then follow the procedure below to resolve the issue. There are two possible cases if you are still logged in and when you are already logged out and can’t log in. Use your computer for this it is easier.

  • To change your password if you’re still logged in click on the Downward-facing arrow.
  • Now click on Settings and then select Security and Login.
  • Click on the Edit close change ‘Password button.’
  • Now type in the current password and then a new password.
  • Finally, click on Save changes.

If you want to change your password when you are already logged out and you can’t remember the password carry out the following procedure.

  • Enter the find my account page.
  • Type in the email, phone number, full name or username and then click on Search.
  • Now follow the on-screen prompt to complete recovering your account.

How to make your Facebook password strong

Make no mistake the strength of a Facebook password determines the security of your Facebook account. So to make your Facebook account very secure you need a very strong password to do so. The following tips will teach you how to secure or make your Facebook password strong.

  • Only use a password that is very easy for you to remember and very difficult for others who are not you to guess and get.
  • Use a different password for your Facebook account than the one you used for your Gmail, Twitter, and others.
  • Using longer password is better.
  • Also adding special characters, numbers on your password can also help improve drastically the security.
  • Never use birthdays, phone numbers and others that are very easy for people to guess.
  • Finally do not tell anybody your Facebook password.

The above tips are to be in your mind whenever you are creating a new password not even only for your Facebook account. So that your account can be very secure.

Facebook sign in

The Facebook sign in is different from the Facebook sign up. Sign up is gaining a free Facebook account while signing in is gaining access to your Facebook account once you have created one for yourself. You can use both the Facebook desktop and the Facebook app to sign in. if you have downloaded the Facebook mobile application or the Facebook mobile downloads. The Facebook sign in process is very easy to do. The process is described below.

  • Open the Facebook sign in page.
  • Type in your username which can either be your email or your mobile number.
  • Type in your password and then click on Sign in.

Easy isn’t it? And just like that, you have successfully signed into your Facebook account and you can begin doing whatever it is you want to do.


It goes without saying that without Facebook sign-up you cannot have access to the Facebook platform. meaning it is important for you to do so now. and you have seen how to do that on this guide and have also seen some of the most common problems users face while signing up on Facebook and how to tackle them. So create a Facebook account today and join the over two billion people on the Facebook platform. There are many advantages to joining Facebook. which you will find out when you start using the Facebook platform. You have also seen how to login to your Facebook account once created and how to change your password in case there is a mixup. start using Facebook today and thank me later