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Wow, it’s a good day to meet a single lady or a single guy, that’s why this post on Facebook for singles dating is coming your way today. If you are looking to date on Facebook to meet singles your own size then you are on the right post. As we will be discussing the different ways to meet them on the Facebook platform. So sit back relax and enjoy your low-calorie popcorn as I take you on the journey.

Facebook Dating Service

Facebook just launches its dating service not quite long ago which focuses on matching singles. And changing the relationship status of the millions of Facebook users that are presently single. This is very good and welcomed but there is only a catch with this is that it’s not yet available for all locations. However, Facebook is promising that it would soon be available for the USA and some other countries by the end of this year.

Using this dating services, Facebook users can create a secret dating profile for dating and get matched. Users get matched with other Facebook uses fitting their desired requirements, and dating can begin from there. It is important that only those who have opted-in facebook dating can see the profile of those who have also. There is also the secret crush feature all within the dating service. All you have to do to use this service if it’s available to you is, you either respond to the invitations notifying you its ready for your location. Or you simply tap on the Heart icon you will see when you open your profile. check my post on Facebook Dating Service for more details on that.

Facebook Dating Groups

These are groups on this platform made for the sole purpose of dating. this is another way on how to browse singles on facebook. This way is actually very easy in finding dates. All you have to do is to join the group and the rest is history. To search and join any of these groups carry out the following procedure.

  1. Open your facebook app or on desktop.
  2. Now tap or click on the Search bar.
  3. Type in “Facebook dating groups.”
  4. When the list of dating groups on facebook is out, switcH the search to groups.
  5. Lastly, join as much as you can.

After doing that its now a game of waiting. So wait till your request is accepted and then you and begin chatting with singles and adding them up. Check my post on Facebook dating groups.

Dating Sites on Facebook

These are dating platforms that have their pages and groups even their dating app on the Facebook platform. They can be accessed right from facebook. There are very many dating sites on facebook. And they can all be accessed and used to find dates because they are actually made for that purpose. Follow the below steps to find the list of dating sites on facebook.

  1. Log in your account.
  2. On the search bar search for “Facebook dating sites.”
  3. Then join as much as you can when the result is out.

You can simply change the search to dating apps. And you will get all the results of dating apps. Also, the apps can be downloaded once you are on the landing groups, pages and more.

How to Search for Singles on Facebook

You can also make use of the traditional way to search for singles on the platform. This way is the way of searching a name and adding any of the results you like when the results are out. You are guaranteed to eventually find a date. Though this process is now very effective you can still find dates with it. So you can make use of this process and search for as many singles you want. Also, you might want to check their relationship status before you add them up.


Finding dates or singles is very easy. It has been working for me and it is guaranteed to work for you if you actually put effort into it. It will just be a matter of time but you will eventually find a date. So take advantage of this post and change your relationship status.

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