Facebook Stock – Facebook Shares Investment

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Good day and welcome to this post on Facebook stock, this post is for all you guys that love trading stocks. So if you are a lover of stock and you are an expert in trading stock then you have to go through this post. Because on this post Facebook stock, we will talk about most of the important things about Facebook stock. We will talk about stocks, how to buy Facebook stock, how to trade Facebook stock, and other stuff on this post. So do relax and enjoy this post.

Facebook Stock

Before we talk about the Facebook stock let’s see what a stock is. a stock is a share in a company or a piece of the company that can be purchased by an individual. so that they have a part in that company. another word for stock is called shares. There are different types of stocks, but we are not going to go into that. The owner of the highest stock in a company has the highest position or influence over the company. That means that those with the highest stocks owns the company. Owning a share in a company entitles the owner to parts of the dividends and income of the company proportional to the amount of shares the person owns.

In the same vein, the Facebook stock is a fraction or a piece of the company which can be purchased by an individual to own that part of the company. And will be entitled to dividends and earnings proportional to the part or shares the person bought on the Facebook company. Anyone who owns stock on Facebook or any other business is referred to as a stockholder.

What to consider before buying any stock

The issues of buying stock buying cannot be overemphasized. Carefulness before embarking on buying Facebook stock or any other stock is very necessary to do some things before buying a stock. Some of the things to consider before buy stock are listed below.

  • Conduct a search to see if a company you are buying from is in a good position and if stocks can profit you before you buy
  • Also, determine the risk involved if making a profit from the company is Less than that of losing
  • Perform different kinds of analysis on the company to be absolutely sure
  • Determine if the stock is undervalued or overvalued
  • Consider the growth rate of the company on both mobile and other platforms
  • Also, consider the history of the stock you want to buy

Please note that all these are worth serious consideration before buying the stock even the Facebook stock. Next, let’s see reasons to buy Facebook stock.

Reasons to buy Facebook Stock

Below you will find some of the interesting reasons why you should embark on buying a stock on Facebook today. They will all interest you

  • The first is the fact that the company has a very high growth rate. Of which investors are looking for that kind of companies that can turn up lots of profit as their growth rate is high
  • Facebook has an investment in virtual reality to future-proof the company. If you’re scared that Facebook is going to run out in the near future this will put your mind at rest
  • They are the number one Social Media platform presently and are not showing any sign of letting down anytime soon. this can put your mind at ease buy it’s stock.

History of Facebook Stock

When Facebook started by Mark Zuckerberg and his roommates during their Harvard university days, no one knew it was going to get so big and make lots of profit and probably become the number one social media presently. However, Facebook defied all expectations and grow massively. But then, when the company announced going public. Facebook stock was first released in the year 2012. it was a total disaster, with losses of over 50% of profit during the first year. but from the second year, it started rising and doing well till today.

How to buy stock on Facebook

having carried out all your research, and doing all that is needed to be done. and you are convinced you to want to buy stocks on Facebook then follow this process below.

  • First of all, you have to consider the price or the amount of stock you want to buy and make sure you have the money for that
  • Then you have to select a trusted broker. for this post, we encourage you to go for eToro
  • Follow this link to register on the eToro platform https://insidebitcoins.com/visit/etoro
  • Verify your account and identity by attaching proof of your identity
  • Now fund your account from the provided list of funding method on the site
  • Now click on Trade select the price you want to trade with
  • Select a copy trader. you can do so by analyzing their risk factor
  • After that click on Copy on any of the copy traders, you selected
  • Select an amounts to trade with select the trade stop limit by pressing copy
  • Choose any of the investment team you want to invest with by reviewing their performance
  • Click on invest then enter the amount you want to invest with
  • Finally, select investment limit and you are done.

The process is a little bit tedious but if you follow the steps correctly you find yourself trading stocks on Facebook.


Facebook is the number one social Media platform out there. and it is important for investment minded people to own stock on Facebook. Because Facebook is not letting down anytime soon but instead going higher. Therefore it is time to consider the Facebook investment. Which can turn up a lot of profit for you as the company is doing strong. but it is important to note as I said in the post before doing any investment you have to consider various areas do your research and be absolutely sure it is the right time for you to invest on any investment platform not only on Facebook.

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