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Do you know what your Facebook timeline is? Did you just say no or you said yes? well, nevermind because on this guide today you will know what it is and all that it entails. So, if your question is what is a Facebook timeline on Facebook. Or you want to know generally about the Facebook timeline. Then this is the guide for you to use. Also on this guide, you will know where your Facebook timeline is. And how to take yourself or go to the Facebook timeline and more on this guide today.

Facebook Timeline

The Facebook timeline is the part of Facebook where you find what you have shared like photos, pictures, images, videos, and other kinds of Post and your experiences on the Facebook platform. You can do many things on using this from adding a cover photo to editing your information, view your activity log, your posts images pictures and even your Facebook status. It is where you see all that you have shared on your Facebook account to date. The Facebook timeline is very important as the name suggests the timeline. With it, you see all you have been doing over a very long time on your Facebook account using the Facebook timeline.

Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline control

Facebook timeline control is to control or set whatever you want to take place on your Facebook. Like to disapprove and approve things you do not want to happen there. You can decide to approve or disapprove if you want to allow the post that you have been tagged in to appear on your timeline. By going to the ‘timeline and tagging’ section of your privacy settings. And then decide the post you do not want to appear on your Facebook timeline.

Also, there is the option to change your mind about the post you have already made on your timeline. That has been shared with your friends. If you decided to limit what you have already shared this can be done also using this feature. To limit or control who can view your post you have shared on your Facebook account. Go over to the Post tap on it edit it and then change the audience to only those you want to view the post. So it is clear now that you can change your privacy settings whenever you like on your Facebook timeline to determine who sees and who does not see your post. All these are the very importance of this feature.

History on Facebook timeline

The Facebook platform together with this feature was all launched in the year February 4th, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. Since then the Facebook timeline as always showcases important events, your achievements, and other activities. From the start you can like pictures or posts shared on your timeline and your friends also in 2007 there were talks about an approval button and also an awesome button however this took two years before they came to light. Also then you can comment and share other people’s post on the timeline. And now the timeline has grown so much that so many features have been added. From the basic like, awesome and approval button and other features present before. Now the timeline is one of the most important parts of the Facebook platform itself. Containing many new features making it perfect for using,

How to access your Facebook timeline

All that we have been saying since would be quite useless if you do not know where your timeline is. So if your question is where is my timeline on Facebook then this section of the Post got you covered. to locate your timeline on the Facebook platform is very easy all you need to do is log in your Facebook account, tap on your name and it will load and take you to your timeline. It is as easy as that.

Control who sees posts on your timeline

To control who can see the post that is on your timeline carry out the following procedure using a computer.

  • Log in your Facebook and click on the Down arrow which is at the top right side of the screen. now click on Settings
  • Now click on Timeline and Tagging which is at the left column.
  • Click on Who can see what others post on my timeline and then click on Edit.
  • Now choose an audience to see your timeline from the drop-down window.

How to see posts you’re tagged in before they appear on your timeline

This is a necessary thing that prevents posts you don’t like from getting into your timeline. If you have ever been tagged before you would know what I’m saying. Now to see posts you are tagged in before they appear on your timeline kindly carry out the following instruction.

  • Using a computer log in your Facebook account.
  • Click on the Down arrow.
  • click on settings and on the column at the left click on Timeline and Tagging.
  • Now click on Review post you are tagged in before the post appears on your timeline and tap or click on Edit at the right side.
  • Next, select Enabled if it is disabled.

And now you know. you have seen how important it is for you to make use of the timeline feature. which brings us to the end of this post today.


The timeline feature is one of the most important features since the launch of Facebook till now. you cannot effectively use your Facebook account if you do not engage it, it is not possible to do. Also, you have seen how to edit your timeline and how to edit the audience you want to view your post. You can also prevent photos or post you do not like but you have been tagged in from appearing on your timeline without your approval. So generally it is good to have this feature on Facebook.

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