Facebook video downloader apk – Facebook video downloader for Android

If you constantly or regularly use Facebook, you won’t deny the fact that there are sometimes when browsing through your timeline or any part of Facebook. you might come across a video that you would want to download after watching, but you can’t. This is because of the fact that Facebook does not allow downloading of videos posted on it. Therefore on this post Facebook video downloader apk, I will teach you how to download Facebook videos. Also, how to sign up to Facebook if you don’t have an account and finally how to sign in and use the Facebook video downloader.

Facebook video downloader apk

Why there is no official way to download Facebook videos yet, there are other third-party ways by third-party apps for you to use in order to download your Facebook videos. these apps are present directly on the play store or the app store for your using pleasure. And when it comes to downloading a Facebook video one app stands strong in downloading Facebook videos. this is the Fb video downloader app. to use the Facebook video downloader app you must be registered on Facebook and you have to login your account using the app and then download videos from there. This app is available for Android but I’m not too sure about iOS devices. but there are other means of downloading Facebook videos using iOS devices. that would be talked about on a different post.

Facebook sign up

This is the first step in using the FB video downloader app. so if you want to start using it you have to sign up for a free facebook account today. to sign up to Facebook, kindly carry out the steps laid down below.

  • Visit www.facebook.com/r.php.
  • Now fill in your name, date of birth, gender, email, phone number, and password. And any other required information you are required to fill.
  • And after that, tap on Create account.
  • you have to verify your phone number by opening the mail sent to you and logging in from there.

How to download Facebook video downloader apk

In order for you to start downloading Facebook videos, you have to have the Facebook downloader installed on your device. So you can start doing that as soon as possible. And that is why the steps to download the FB downloader are laid down below. Follow then exactly to do so.

  • Open the play store.
  • Now type ‘FB downloader’ on the search bar and search for it.
  • The first one is the FB downloader, therefore tap on it
  • Now, tap on Install and Accept.

Once you have done that the app will start to download and install on your device. When the app is finally installed on your device then you can now go over to the business of using it for your Facebook video download.

How to use the FB downloader apk

Once the app is successfully installed on your phone, using it is as easy as ABCD. Now to use this app to download videos from Facebook follow the process below.

Facebook sign in with the FB downloader

The first step in using this app to download any Facebook videos you want is to sign in to your Facebook account on the app. To do that see the below process.

  • Open the ‘FB downloader app’
  • Now sign in to your Facebook account using the app.
  • Then browse through your newsfeeds or any part of Facebook you see a video you want to download. Or any video you have seen on Facebook before and want to download it.
  • Now tap on the video. A new window will pop up then tap on Download.

And just like that you have downloaded that particular Facebook video. Easy isn’t it? Now you have seen that the Facebook video downloader apk actually works.


The fact that Facebook videos are always very interesting and it always occurs to you to want to try and download them. Is the same reason why this post has come your way today. Now that you have seen the app to use and how to use the app in downloading as much as there are Facebook videos you want to download. What is left now is for you to actually start downloading the videos using this app. because with this app you won’t worry about how to download Facebook videos anymore as the app is enough for you.

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