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FB advertising means Facebook advertising. Well if you don’t know, you should know that thousands of businesses both small and big, run adverts daily on the Facebook platform. And are reaping the benefits and the reward of doing paid advertising on this platform. So if you would want to run ads or do adverts on Facebook then this post is for you exactly. This post will give you the needed exposure you require to take your business, the service you render to greater heights. This post will show you all you need to run Facebook adverts successful.

FB Advertising
FB Advertising

FB Advertising

FB advertising means showcasing, displaying or revealing your business to the more than millions of Facebook users that log into the platform on a monthly basis. This can be effectively done with the use of Facebook Ads. So many businesses on this Facebook used paid advertising to increase their level of awareness, their customer base and more. so if you have a big or small business, it doesn’t matter the size. But it is relevant for you to engage in effective advertising your business. That’s why this post will teach you all about it today.

Facebook AdsFB Advertising

Facebook ads are paid messages written by business owners, companies or even individuals wanting to advertise their business to a particular target area on FB through their ads campaign. People creating ads also create different ads campaign under which they have a specific target area or audience they wish to meet. In order to determine the success of the ad placement. Fb ads have been around for quite a while now and more businesses are moving to Facebook just because of that. Facebook ads can effectively be constructed or created using the Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook Ads Manager

As the name implies, the ad manager is a very powerful to responsible for creating, managing, maintaining, editing and monitoring your ads. So that they accomplish your target. this to can be compared to none when it comes to Facebook ads management. To know more about these two please check my post phone Facebook Ads Manager for more information. I only added this little description about it so that you should know that it is relevant for doing FB advertising.

Benefits of FB Advertising

Now if you still a little bit skeptical or you are very skeptical. Then it is time I show you some of the benefits of doing paid advertising on Facebook. There are quite a lot of benefits and actually no disadvantaged. And they include the following.

  • Gaining more audience and more customers.
  • Getting brand awareness and popularity.
  • It can act as a funnel that drives sales.
  • Increase in profits.
  • Getting likes to a particular product or page.
  • Brings traffic to a particular website or blog. and more.

These are to simply clear your doubt and to understand its advantages. if you ask me this is much more beneficial compared to what you will spend running the Ads.

Facebook Ad Size

Now before you decide to run your ad you should determine the kind of Ad you want to run. As there are different types. We have Video Ads, Gifs ads, image ads and more. Under the image ads, we have carousel ads format single image ad format and so on. While using these types of ads is good. However, video ads are the most successful and have been proven by Facebook to be so. To know more about the different kinds of ads which is an entire post on his own, visit my post on Facebook Ads Size and Facebook video ads.

Facebook Ads Cost

This is where you cash some mixed feelings. However to put it bluntly Facebook ads do not cost much, at least not in compared to the benefits you will gain from running one. What Facebook does is that if you run ads on something of much importance to Facebook users, the CPC ( cost per click) is usually low. But the reverse is the case when ads containing less relevant topics to the Facebook population are set. This means that ads of more interest to Facebook users get lower CPC than those of less interest, which gets high CPC. To understand this more check my post on Facebook Ad Cost.

How to Set up Facebook AdsFB Advertising

This is where we will talk about how to create your FB adverts in proper now. so follow me as I have carefully laid out the steps involved to do so below for you today. but first, you have to create a business page, if you don’t have one before for your business. check my post on How to create a Facebook business page to know how to do that. then follow the below steps.

  • Now access the Facebook ads manager.
  • Then click on the + Create icon to begin.
  • The next step is to choose the objective on the ads campaign you want to run.
  • Select your audience and then pick or choose your budget.
  • Here is where things get serious, here you create your ad. follow any other format. you can also visit my post on Facebook ads side for the specification.
  • Choose where you want your ads to be displayed to the public which is your target.
  • Finally, tap on Place order.

Tapping that place order means that you have finished editing your ads and you are ready for facebook to review it. Now once the order is placed facebook will review and get back to you. they will send you a notification when the ad is ready to go live.


the final saying is that if you have paid close attention you will know FB adverts is good for your business. so what are you waiting for? go ahead and get about the process of setting it up today.

am loyal smart and humble.